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Managed Cloud for Azure

Managed Cloud for Azure is a complete end-to-end, SLA-based service that redefines cloud strategy by giving you access to the right expertise and infrastructure to fuel growth with improved performance and a lower cost of ownership. Microsoft Azure managed services is the answer for businesses facing the challenge of ever-growing costs associated with hosting your own data center. We go beyond simple migration assistance and infrastructure management with multi-cloud managed services, professional services, and managed application services to enable true digital transformation.

What Is an Azure Managed Service Provider?

Azure managed services providers are businesses that have extensive training and expertise in Microsoft Azure. This is extremely helpful for businesses without a dedicated IT department or that have an IT department but need extra help with scalability. With a certified Azure managed service provider, such as Hitachi Solutions, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality assistance from implementation to management.

Why Hitachi Solutions for Azure Managed Services

As Microsoft partners, we have a variety of offerings and services ranging from DevOps and migration to cloud-native app development. The reason so many enterprises rely on managed services providers is that it’s hard to manage and maintain a cloud internally.

Powered by Certified Technology Architects, we help enterprises address specific areas that require the highest knowledge and expertise to create the best IT infrastructure for today and a roadmap for tomorrow’s business.

Client engagement is our focus, and we work directly with IT teams to help them accomplish their goals. We help organizations avoid unnecessary complexities and directly help customers understand modern IT. Hitachi Solutions delivers unbiased guidance on the best cloud solutions for your organizations around the globe. We connect the dots by designing a solution with the right blend of CAPEX and OPEX.

Our Solutions

Hitachi Solutions can maintain and support your Microsoft Azure cloud environment 24/7, so you never have to worry about unexpected downtime. As your managed services provider, we’ll take care of installing updates, fixing bugs, providing monitoring and maintenance, and so much more. With a variety of flexible support options, you have the freedom to choose the level of support you need.

Azure Governance

We can recommend and implement the Azure services best for you. For organizations with existing policies governing on-premises IT environments, cloud governance should complement those policies. We help ensure compliance using the cloud governance capabilities built into Azure.

Hybrid Cloud Applications

We offer greater productivity with the flexibility to build and deploy applications, whether on cloud, on-premises, or both using a consistent set of cloud services, skills, tools, and processes.

Azure Endpoint Management

Enterprises across various industries, from financial services to retail, are looking for ways to remotely provision and manage their corporate or BYOD devices. Microsoft Azure Endpoint Management enables operators to configure, monitor, and manage their devices remotely from their Azure dashboard. Endpoint Manager combines services you may know and already be using, including Microsoft Intune, Configuration Manager, Desktop Analytics, co-management, and Windows Autopilot.

Infrastructure & Application Monitoring

If you are deploying a new application to Azure and aren’t sure how it is going to perform, Microsoft Azure Monitoring Services gives greater visibility into the health, performance, and security of your applications, workloads, and infrastructure. Our cloud-based monitoring capabilities support Azure app services, virtual machines and infrastructure, Azure SQL, and more.

Security Monitoring

By utilizing Azure’s best-in-class native security features, Hitachi Solutions can help keep your company safe. Our security monitoring uses AI to quickly identify threats, detect false alarms, and help automate remediation. Strengthen your security in the cloud and on-premises.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps provides integration with popular open source and third-party tools and services across the entire DevOps workflow. Spend less time integrating and more time delivering high-quality software at speed by implementing agile and DevOps methodologies.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Azure Backup is a brilliant cloud-based alternative to USB hard drives and network attached storage devices. Azure Backup can protect your critical applications including SharePoint, Exchange, SQL, Windows Servers, Windows Clients and Azure IaaS VMs, as well as your files and folders.

Recovering individual servers or your entire site to an offsite location has been difficult to achieve and cost-prohibitive until now. Microsoft and ACUTEC have partnered together to bring you Azure Site Recovery. The Site Recovery service contributes to a robust business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution that protects your on-premises physical servers and virtual machines by orchestrating and automating replication and failover to Azure, or to a secondary on-premises site.


Microsoft Azure has a strong focus on security, following the standard security model of Detect, Assess, Diagnose, Stabilize, and Close. Coupled with strong cyber security control measures, the model enables Azure to achieve multiple compliance certifications, all of which establish Azure as a leader in IaaS security. Not only is the platform protected, but the end user is also covered with Azure. The layered protection helps control growth security threats for organizations.

How we compete

For more than a decade, Hitachi Solutions has focused solely on Microsoft software and solutions. This approach has set us apart from other Microsoft managed services providers because it means we can uniquely help you improve, manage, and maintain your entire Microsoft ecosystem, regardless whether it’s in the cloud, on-prem, or in a hybrid environment.

Our approach has also enabled us to garner more Microsoft partner and customer awards than any other ISV.

45+ Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards
19 Customer Excellence Awards
microsoft inner circle award icon 18 Microfost Inner Circle Achievements
20 Microsoft President's Club Achievements

Skills, certifications, and experience

Be confident that with Hitachi Solutions as your partner, as we hold 6 out 6 Microsoft Partner Designations. We can support you in technology depth and breadth across all Microsoft technologies and Business Applications. Read more about our technical achievements and why choosing Hitachi Solutions as your partner is the next best step.

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