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Realizing business value

Digital transformation has moved beyond being a buzzword and is now essential to stay competitive in today’s climate. While digital transformation projects can revolutionize the way organizations operate, change in and of itself is not valuable. True value is only achieved once people and processes evolve along with the technology.

Poorly handled transitions can create stumbling blocks to user adoption, people-dependent ROI, and the ultimate success of a project. Preparing for change and building the right competencies ensure your project yields the most benefits and better meets your business objectives.

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Enabling change success

To help our customer teams prepare to transition to their envisioned future state, our change enablement services leverage a best practice change approach adapted from Prosci’s ADKAR® methodology.  Our services go beyond just learning and adopting new technology, they guide how to adjust to the new way of doing business. Successful change enablement has the power to mitigate resistance, speed user adoption, embed internal competencies, and enhance strategic value and ROI.

An Overview of Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

During this presentation we unpack the what and the why of the Cloud Adoption Framework so you can prepare your organization for success on your cloud adoption journey.

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