Application Development

Modern solutions tailored for your business


What is it?

Your business is unique; your applications should be too. Our Modern Solutions Practice provides high quality, custom application development with predictable delivery from our team. We do this with a transparent process, standards, and an unrivaled commitment to quality. We provide tailored development services to cover the entire application lifecycle, from requirements through delivery. Whether a small, on-prem departmental application or a cloud-based, mission-critical system, we have the experience and expertise needed to build it.

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The Value:

  • Predictable delivery
  • High-quality code
  • Responsive to change

The Proof:

  • More than 15 years of satisfied clients
  • Highly experienced team members

The Outcomes:

  • Phased delivery to see results early and often
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Clear standards and approaches

Simplifying Modern App Development with Blazor and Web Assembly

Code isn't hard. Over the last 20 years, application complexity has mushroomed as we've moved into richer browser based experiences. Web Assembly and Blazor are giving us new opportunities to improve developer velocity and support new types of applications. Learn what Blazor is, how it helps, and why you should be watching it and adopting it.