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What is it?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations is a cloud-based ERP solution that is optimized to deliver improved global visibility, scalability, and digital intelligence. It helps project-driven organizations drive digital transformation by providing the tools they need to connect and manage clients, finances, projects, and people in a unified, integrated environment.

However, transformation of any kind is a journey and that is certainly true of digital transformation. To successfully and efficiently transform your business, it helps to have a guide who can lead the way, who has done it before, who can warn of dangers and provide encouragement in the face of obstacles.

We can help your organization grow through digital transformation. With deep industry experience and as one of the longest-running Microsoft partners, we have the expertise required to advise you on the entire lifecycle of your business from ERP to CRM to analytics, to IoT, field service, and more.

The Value:

  • Best-in-class ERP features
  • Streamlined and automated business operations
  • Maximized productivity and efficiency

The Proof:

  • Unmatched, expert support
  • Trusted relationship with award-winning provider
  • Centralized & simplified support across all subscriptions

The Outcomes:

  • Controlled costs & lower cost of ownership
  • Faster deployments
  • Continuous performance improvement & growth

How we compete

Hitachi Solutions is a gold-certified, award-winning Microsoft partner with deep experience in designing, implementing, and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365. We’ve helped hundreds of clients migrate to the cloud and digitally modernize their business with Unified Operations (ERP), Customer Engagement (CRM), Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service, Commerce, Human Resources, as well as Data Analytics, IoT, machine learning, and more.

For more than 15 years, we have helped clients around the globe achieve outcome-driven results, quick time to benefit, and exceptional long-term value. We compel powerful results that improve your business and help you better compete and succeed in today’s digital world.


The Present and Future of Financial Reporting

During this session, we'll dive into using Financial Reporter to produce Financial Statements and take a look at Financial Insights - putting financial information at your fingertips.