Data & Analytics

Discover value in the bigger picture of your data


What is it?

Data and analytics involve looking at your entire data estate from a birds-eye view: where your data exists, how you interface with it, and what you do with it. Without a proper data solution, it can all seem like a big mess. But by taking the necessary steps toward securing and managing your data, we help you turn that mess into actionable insights that promote scalable business growth.

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The Value:

  • Seamless system integration and cloud-scale
  • Improved customer experience with transformative insights
  • Security and flexibility handling all types of data

The Proof:

  • Bring together any data type at any scale
  • Industry adoption trends
  • Provide actionable business insights in minutes

The Outcomes:

  • Make data-driven decisions with AI and machine learning
  • Data migration enables growth and scalability at low cost
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities and predictive analytics

How we compete

The advent of big data upended many data warehouse strategies years ago. Businesses had to rethink how to support themselves with enormous volumes of data. Our team sided with Microsoft, which responded to the challenge of big data with the application of cloud technologies. Whether it’s ramping up to big data, investing in a modern data estate, self-service reporting, or securing your data, we’ll provide the most optimal data solution for your business to obtain better insights at scale.

Intro to Synapse Studio

This session provides an overview of Synapse Studio, Microsoft's Modern Data and Analytics Platform. This session will provide listeners with the knowledge they need to make strategic decisions about utilizing Azure Synapse in their organizations.