Information Retrieval

Find the right piece of information when you need it


What is it?

There’s no use for your enterprise content if you can’t find it. To keep up with data growing in an unregulated manner, you need strategic storage and management capabilities. Enterprise search offers the integration of multiple non-structured data sources into a unified and secure full-text search system. Easily manage your information and search with customizable features, text analytics, and cognitive services. We’ll help you add significant value to your content by enriching the process through which it is retrieved.

The Value:

  • Employees spend less time searching and more time adding value
  • Manage information regardless of data source
  • Regulatory compliance

The Proof:

  • Uncover up to 80 percent of unaccounted yet relevant data
  • Provide actionable business insights in minutes
  • Cut liability by 25 percent

The Outcomes:

  • Increased productivity leads to higher revenue and reduced costs
  • More accurate business intelligence
  • Uncover previously unattainable value in your enterprise content

How we compete

Our team has over 20 years of experience implementing world-class enterprise search solutions across all sectors. We can help you build an automated governance and content management system to create a more effective business intelligence system. And since we also specialize in user experience and custom applications, we can tailor the solution so it exactly fits your unique business needs.