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Empower your business with conversational bots

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What is Power Virtual Agents?

Employee and customer expectations have accelerated today’s pace of business. To keep up, you need to minimize repeated tasks for your team and provide easy self-service for customers. Chatbots have become increasingly popular as the go-to answer for meeting these growing demands.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents allows you to build sophisticated, AI-powered bots for a range of requests — from providing simple answers to common questions to resolving issues requiring complex conversations. And, these bots can be created easily, without the need for data scientists or developers!

With Power Virtual Agents, you can:

  • Arm your teams with the ability to easily create bots without training, AI expertise, or developers
  • Reduce operational costs by automating repetitive tasks and freeing resources to focus on more complex requests and higher value interactions
  • Enable 24/7 customer self-service options that improve satisfaction and loyalty
  • Monitor and continuously improve bot performance and accuracy over time with data-driven insights and self-learning AI and natural language processing
  • Deploy across channels and languages while scaling securely through central administration and governance

Hitachi Solutions is your guide to unlocking the power of your data

Hitachi Solutions are experts at putting your data to work for you and tailoring effective Power Platform engagements for any industry and any goal. Among other things, we’ve helped customers use Power Virtual Agents to automate and build chatbots for:

  • Common employee questions for businesses
  • Sales help and support issues
  • COVID-19 infection tracking
  • Opening hours and store information
  • Employee health and vacation benefits
  • And more!

Our experienced team works with you to evaluate your current environment so we can develop trainings and workshops customized for your unique business requirements. We’ll help you leverage Power Virtual Agents and amplify the power of your data with confidence.

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Power Virtual Agents: Conversational AI Quickstart

Minimize repeated tasks for your team and provide easy self-service for customers

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