On-Demand Webinar

Top 3 Ways to Optimize the Value of Your Data

Join us for a powerful presentation on the modern data estate and leveraging your data.

How will this webinar help me?

Pension portfolio management teams in capital and private markets are always looking for ways to get the most value and insights from their data. This informative webinar will show you how to use modern analytics to:

  • Gain predictive insights and democratize data to your portfolio teams
  • Bolster origination pipelines and analyze deal workflows
  • Improve reporting and make faster, more informed decisions
  • Leverage alternative data to gain a competitive advantage


During this informative 45-minute session, Hitachi Solutions Data and Analytics Experts Simon Nuss and Luke McGrath will walk you through a modern data estate and review three popular use cases for leveraging your data:

  1. CRM Insights — Learn how CRM de-duplication, identity resolution, and data enrichment services can enhance deal pipeline and portfolio management insights
  2. Quant Accelerator — Learn how your portfolio management teams can use Databricks and the Python programming language to solve advanced analytics and real-time and big data challenges
  3. Graph Analytics — Learn how to find and leverage hidden relationships in your network and use data sources such as PitchBook, Crunchbase, Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn to gain a competitive edge

Featured Experts

Simon Nuss
Luke McGrath