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Gaining a Competitive Edge: Leveraging AI in Banking

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Why You Should Watch:

In this time of uncertainty and increasing competition in the Banking sector, it’s vital for bankers to leverage digital channels and tools— such as OpenAI— to meet customer needs, drive growth, and streamline processes.

In this video, industry and technology experts from Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft talks about key strategies for banks to do more with less and secure their organisation’s future by accelerating business growth and delivering secured, connected experiences through AI-powered journeys.

What You Will Learn:

  • Recognise modern-day advances in Generative and Compliant AI and its significance in Banking.
  • Understand the importance of revolutionising CX plus boosting sales and marketing productivity.
  • Learn how easy it is to adopt cost-effective strategies and technologies.

Meet the speakers:

Phil Bickerton
Business Applications Specialist – Financial Services – Microsoft
Duncan Taylor
GM Financial Services – Microsoft
Mark Turnbull
Senior Sales Director – Hitachi Solutions