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How to Build Value with the Right Product as a Service Strategy

Learn the building blocks needed for building a PaaS model that delivers value

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How will this webinar help me?

Product as a Service helps manufacturers create different revenue streams and capture aftermarket value, and it helps their customers utilize the assets they need, when they need them, instead of forcing them to make a large upfront capital expenditure.

But what are the building blocks needed to start a Product as a Service journey?

Join this webinar to understand the value of Product as a Service and why manufacturers need to make the shift now, and the key components for transforming toward this direction.

Key takeaways:  

  • Understand the definition of Product as a Service, and how both manufacturers and their customers stand to benefit
  • Learn how to build a Product as a Service model that delivers value
  • Identify the critical components needed for a successful transformation

Featured Experts:

Martin Boggess, Vice President of Manufacturing & Field Service, Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.
Jim MacLennan, Vice President, Digital Advisory Services, Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.

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