On-Demand Webinar

How to Empower Your Field Service Technicians to Be Your Ultimate Brand Ambassadors

Drive seamless, meaningful connections with customers

How will this webinar help me?

Making your technician a brand ambassador isn’t just giving them a mobile phone – it’s about equipping them with the information they need to drive seamless, meaningful connections with customers.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Microsoft technology enables technicians to deliver intelligent, value-driven service by placing the right information at the right time in their hands, every step of the way – from the time a service request first comes in, to arrival at the job site, to post-service follow-up.

Watch this webinar to learn three key benefits:  

  • Greater operational efficiencies: Technician visits are one of the more expensive interactions with a customer. Learn how Microsoft technology equips technicians with the right knowledge and tools for getting the most value out of customer engagement.
  • Better customer experiences: The last interaction that a customer has with your company is the final impression. Learn how technicians can deliver consistently positive interactions that translate to happier, more loyal customers.
  • Competitive advantages: Customers’ perception of your company’s capabilities are strongly influenced by what your technicians are doing. Effective and efficient technicians are key differentiators that help you stand out from the competition, and help open up new business opportunities.


Michael Mendoza, Director of Field Service Solutions, Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd.
Joe Lee, Director, Business Applications Technical Specialists, Microsoft