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Stay Competitive With End-to-End Quote Invoice Automation

Become more efficient, responsive and profitable with CPQ.

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How will this webinar help me?

As today’s industrial and large equipment customers have evolved in their purchasing behaviors and the competition has expanded to a global scale, manufacturers are looking for ways to unify their CRM and ERP platforms. With the addition of CPQ, you experience the benefits you need to be more efficient, responsive, and profitable.

Join us for a fireside chat with Martin Boggess, Industry VP of Hitachi Solutions, Jeff Holway, VP of Sales and Marketing of Experlogix, and special guest, Joe Egan, Director of Customer and Partner Engagement of Microsoft. You’ll hear from these experts and their insights on:

  • Challenges faced by manufacturers and the technologies they are turning to.
  • Why integration is key to best leverage CRM and ERP systems.
  • How CPQ helps complete an end-to-end automated solution.
  • The impact these integrated, end-to-end technologies have on different manufacturing stakeholders.