On-Demand Webinar

Executive Panel on Supply Chain Agility & Automation: Microsoft & Hitachi Solutions

Everyone wants end-to-end visibility, but where do you start?

How will this webinar help me?

Investing in technology to improve supply chains remains a priority in FY23 as organizations strive for agility and resilience. A recent study showed that only 11% of executives have a modern, integrated digital solution for their supply chain, while 65% cited a lack of real-time data access as a major obstacle. The Supply Chain Center from Microsoft helps companies overcome these challenges and turn their supply chains into a competitive advantage.

To be truly agile, supply chain software needs to seamlessly provide visibility across all data sources, predict and mitigate disruption, and streamline collaboration.  Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn how you too can achieve significant improvements in plant reliability, OEE, labor efficiency, and inventory management.

Watch our on-demand webinar where we’ll answer the following questions:

  • Everyone wants end-to-end visibility, but where do I start?
  • How do I on-board suppliers and vendors using automation to drive efficiency and consistency?
  • What information sources do I need to gather and how will a modern data estate help me?
  • Organizations have been doing this for a while, what’s working and what isn’t?

You’ll learn how to bring agility and visibility to the forefront of your supply chain, along with some essential insights from Microsoft experts on product innovations that will empower your workforce, boost operational efficiency, and reduce costs.


  • Deb Marotta, IBU Delivery, RCG and Professional Services, Hitachi Solutions
  • Jim MacLennan, VP Digital Advisory, Hitachi Solutions
  • Ali Akstut, Director, Business Strategy for Supply Chain, Microsoft
  • Pritraj Singh, Solution Specialist, Microsoft

If you have any questions about Hitachi Solutions or Microsoft Supply Chain Center, please reach out! We’d love to help you be more efficient and effective around automation and data estate development.