On-Demand Webinar

Future Proof your Data Approach with a Customer Data Platform

How to make sense of a CDP and an abundance of data sources

Developing an understanding of the other person is the first step to a successful and mutually beneficial relationship. That’s true for all relationships, including company-customer relationships. And, thanks to modern technology and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) companies now can get to know their customers better than ever before.

At its base, a CDP aggregates data from all kinds of offline and online sources. Customer data comes from everywhere and is in everything: customer service calls, website visits, purchases in online and physical stores, and mobile app usage. These are just a few of the channels that generate large volumes of data every minute.

According to Forrester’s research, half of the companies currently using a CDP see personalization, campaign execution across channels, and data activation as primary functions of their CDP solution. Yet they say they are not able to meet these expanded requirements. To help close this gap between expectation and reality, organizations must adopt CDP solutions that offer a suite of capabilities and integrations — and learn to use them together effectively.

How will this webinar help me?

Watch our on-demand webinar where we’ll unpack the claims of a CDP, as broad as they are, and discuss the different systems that are needed to augment a CDP for it to be truly useful. These platforms include your ERP, CRM, Marketing automation, e-commerce, POS, click-stream data like Google Analytics, and external social media sources like Twitter and Facebook.

Areas of Focus

  • How do these platforms co-exist?
  • How do we connect to them all in real-time?
  • Can we group the various platforms to better understand the capabilities?

Once we’ve cleared up some of these murky questions, you’ll be able to realize the increased business value of a CDP, optimize customer interactions and improve revenue streams.