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The Connected Worker: How AI is Accelerating the Future of Work in Industry 4.0

Thursday June 27th, 1:00 PM ET

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Throughout history, the right tool in the right hands has always sparked transformation.

From the expansion of local goods to global markets to moving digital signals between continents, new tools have brought the world’s resources and knowledge directly to every corner of the world. And now we’re seeing the potential of a new tool that will make a huge impact across the globe: artificial intelligence.

This shift isn’t coming a few years down the road, or even in a few months. For manufacturers, the opportunity to lead in this new era of AI is right now. It’s one of the most exciting shifts of our generation, and we’re just starting to see the impact.

Join this webinar to understand how this impact is taking shape across the manufacturing workforce through key trends and stats, and real-life scenarios of how you can get started.