On-Demand Webinar

How Healthcare Professionals are Leveraging Power Platform

Get hands-on with Microsoft Power Platform to learn how organizations in the healthcare industry can get the most value out of all the low-code application development, process automation, and business analytics tools.

How will this webinar help me?

The Microsoft Power Platform is a set of low or no code tools that allows you to automate processes and workflows and improve connectivity and communications, in house—without a lot of technical know-how. Through familiar, intuitive technology, you can create custom data-driven and task-specific apps to support faster data collection, surface real-time insights, and empower users to make more informed and actionable decisions. With Power Apps, Power Bi, and Power Automate you can customize, extend, and build all the apps your business needs, while further unlocking the potential of Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure.

In this webinar you will discover that the Power Platform is integral to the healthcare industry as it:

  • Connects disconnected systems
  • Replaces manual paper-based patient information forms
  • Simplifies beside and intake surveys
  • Enables mobile scenarios
  • Allows for medical equipment tracking
  • Creates patient discharge process automation
  • Centralizes health plans and benefits data into a library management system
  • Automates all kinds of manual processes
  • Features approvals and notifications