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Predictive Maintenance by Intelligent Mining of Manufacturing Incidents Using Spark NLP

Powerful Text Comprehension through AI

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Are you looking to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and predictive modeling to improve your manufacturing incident resolution? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how you can use NLP and automation to help drive service issue resolutions now and start considering future applications for the technology.

Our NLP experts Fred Heller and Angelina Leigh explain how Hitachi Solutions made innovative use of Spark NLP to solve a manufacturing organization’s labor-intensive, issue repair process. Using Spark NLP was critical in determining the root cause of equipment failure. You’ll want to hear about this innovative, end-to-end solution that included a Power BI dashboard to display demographic and time data, as well as error codes. Ultimately, the customer improved its first-call fix ratio and lowered repair cycle time.

This webinar also dives into Hitachi Solutions’ new effort to develop predictive maintenance models using Spark NLP to classify data so that any technician can input a problem statement and be provided with insight as to issue cause, as well as materials that may be needed to solve the issue. Don’t miss out on this virtual content today!