On-Demand Webinar

Modernizing Network and Security Operations Centers for the Cloud

Learn how and why you should take your NOC and SOC monitoring to the cloud

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How will this webinar help me?

You’re under constant pressure to maintain customer privacy, defend company IP, and ensure business continuity. Failure to do so could result in lost confidence, customers, and revenue. But traditional network operations center (NOC) and security operations center (SOC) monitoring is costly and time and resource-intensive.

With ever-evolving and daily security threats, complex systems requiring constant uptime, and shrinking in-house resources to handle these issues, the best way to stay a step ahead is with modern NOC and SOC monitoring. Attend this webinar to learn more about how and why cloud-ready NOC/SOC can reduce monitoring costs, mitigate risks, and improve productivity while ensuring a healthy, reliable, and secure infrastructure and network environment.


  • Overview of traditional NOC and SOC
  • Modernizing network and security operations
  • What makes a NOC modern and cloud-ready
  • How to build a SOC that fits into a cloud-first enterprise