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Prepare for an AI-driven Future

to Empower Frontline Workers and Improve Patient Experience

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The demands on healthcare workers have been steadily growing due to increased demand, tightening labor markets and disparate systems due to IT sprawl and mergers and acquisitions. Consolidation and integration of disparate EHR/EMR and clinical systems reduces efficiency at all levels of the patient experience by adding steps to an already complicated process. Combine that with a myriad of security vulnerabilities to be aware of in the era of AI, and you may be wondering, “what do we do about it all?”

Watch our on-demand webinar to gain some insight into the answer to learn more about how Hitachi Solutions can help!

Our experts discuss:

  • Data Security and Compliance for AI in Healthcare
  • Interoperable Systems that Enable AI Adoption and Boost Productivity
  • A demonstration of AI-Generated FHIR Queries in a Web App
  • How Hitachi Solutions can help you with the next step