On-Demand Webinar

Predictive Maintenance in the Real World

Delivering strategic value to customers (featuring Clean Energy Fuels)

How will this webinar help me?

As customers demand faster response times, higher quality products, and exceptional experiences, successful service organizations are turning to technology to connect and engage with customers in meaningful ways. This presentation highlights how Clean Energy Fuels, a large alternative transportation fuel provider, did just that.

View the presentation to learn how Hitachi Solutions helped Clean Energy create a proactive, customer-centric maintenance program that makes fueling faster and more efficient.

You’ll want to know more about how this touch-free program streamlines and automates maintenance, and delivers strategic, forward-thinking value to customers.


  • Overview — background of Clean Energy Fuels and the challenges they faced
  • Program Details — review of what the touch-free maintenance solution is and its goals
  • Value and Impact — how the program has affected Clean Energy’s operations, growth, and customer experience
  • Lessons Learned — Key learnings and strategic advice for those embarking on similar projects


  • Bart Frabotta — Group Vice President, Clean Energy Fuels
  • Martin Boggess — Vice President, Manufacturing & Field Service, Hitachi Solutions America