On-Demand Webinar

Seamless Journey from Lead to Project Close

Better manage all aspects of the project journey through digital construction innovation

Meet our presenters!

Ted Kempf
Director, Business Applications, AEC
Mike Oster
VP of AEC Industry Sales
Hitachi Solutions
Rob George
AEC Industry Architect
Hitachi Solutions

How will this on-demand webinar help me?

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) project management is an art. No one project is the same, yet all require careful planning, budgeting, and monitoring. When you clearly understand and have transparent access to information, from initial lead to project close, you can better account for the unknowns and stay profitable.

Join our Hitachi Solutions AEC Industry Leadership team along with Microsoft executives for our on-demand webinar: Seamless Journey from Lead to Project Close. You’ll learn how innovations in digital construction are giving companies the insights and transparency needed to better manage all aspects of the project journey.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how project lead collection and automation can keep opportunities from falling through the cracks by providing visibility across the entire project teams to make more effective and timely decisions.
  • Learn about innovative features for extending CRM solution’s lead management capabilities with additional construction data so you can track projects as leads as well as contacts.
  • See collaboration tools you can use to build better bids and estimates, pulling back the curtain on the costs and risks so everyone has a better understanding of how bids evolve.
  • Find out how to manage risk by better accounting for and recognizing variables and potential project problems.
  • Gain a better understanding of how automation can enhance workflow approvals to ensure a seamless and profitable project journey for all stakeholders.

If you’re looking to expand the digital footprint in your organization, Hitachi Solutions would love to talk with you. From connected, cloud-based AEC solutions to mobile timekeeping and scheduling applications, our innovative technology and integration Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Project Operations are helping more and more construction companies stay on top of today’s challenges.