On-Demand Webinar

Supply Chain Innovations & AI

What's Working, What's Not, and Current Outlook with Hitachi Solutions

What’s the Topic?

This webinar is tailored to provide you with immediate, applicable strategies to enhance your supply chain. Our industry experts from Microsoft and Hitachi Solutions will provide in-depth insights into the practical applications of AI, focused not just on theoretical outlooks, but on what you can do today.

You’ll gain insights into current successful practices and learn how to apply these in your operations for immediate improvement. The session also offers a glimpse into the future, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to stay ahead. Join us to transform your supply chain with hands-on, practical steps and leverage AI for tangible results.


Watch our webinar to learn more about:

  • The state of supply chain in the industry today, including the trends and challenges organizations are facing today.
  • How, where, and why AI is used in the supply chain.
  • A real-world example of how AI can impact day-to-day supply chain operations.

This webinar is not just about ideation; it’s about taking concrete steps today to transform your supply chain for tomorrow. Join us to unlock the potential of AI in your supply chain operations with Microsoft and Hitachi Solutions.

Jeff Winter Senior Director – Industry Strategy

My passion is helping manufacturers digitally transform in innovative ways through Industry 4.0 technologies. Doing so requires a unique ability to bridge the gap between business strategy, industry trends, technology implementation, and change management. I enjoy building collaborative relationships with clients, partners, coworkers, and industry evangelists to help empower manufacturers to achieve more. As the Industry strategy leader for manufacturing for Hitachi Solutions, I focus on helping companies that build “things” (discrete manufacturers) or “stuff” (continuous/process manufacturers) digitally transform. I am very active within the industry as a thought leader to help inspire companies, professionals, and students to be excited about the future created by the fourth industrial revolution. I write, speak, and share content on LinkedIn to foster a conversational environment and build meaningful connections.