On-Demand Webinar

Transition Off Client Excel

Building User-Friendly Excel Web Apps for the Construction Industry

How will this event help me?

Are you in the construction industry and struggling with managing data using client-side Excel? Join us for this live webinar to discover how you can harness the power of Excel and leverage it to build user-friendly web apps that address your unique industry needs.

Why You Should Attend:

We’ll explore the limitations of standalone Excel and discuss the solution to these challenges. You’ll learn about new web applications that combine the familiarity and user-friendliness of Excel with the benefits of functionality such as easy-to-use grids that provide the speed and flexibility of Excel combined with the robust control and centralized database capabilities of a web-based application. By addressing the inherent limitations of standalone Excel, these new web applications provide a more streamlined, accurate, and efficient solution for construction cost estimations and other data-intensive processes in the construction industry.

Join us to learn how you can transform your data management with Excel apps. Register now to secure your place in this exclusive webinar.

What you will learn:

  • How to transition smoothly from client-side Excel to Excel web apps
  • How to beat the common challenges using Excel in construction: data errors, version control, and data consolidation issues, and how structured data management is critical
  • How to build industry-specific Excel apps with examples from Hitachi Solution’s own project estimation system
  • Live demo: Creating ‘effective grids’ with Excel apps that enhance control and database functions
  • How you can realize improved accuracy, efficiency, and control in your construction processes
Jon Loring Industry Strategy Director, Industrial Services Hitachi Solutions Americas

Jon’s primary focus includes solutions for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms along with similar industries, including Energy, Utilities, and Mining.

He sits at the crossroads of IT, management, and industry solutions, proving to be an invaluable asset in this dynamic landscape. He is a seasoned expert in delivering complex application implementations and data initiatives. Leveraging his profound technical expertise and industry insights, Jon offers the perfect guidance in navigating the intricate terrain of technology and business solutions.