On-Demand Webinar

Unlocking Advanced Analytics in Construction

Engineering and Construction companies of all sizes are struggling under a plethora of data— internal and external, structured and unstructured. In fact, construction management and executive level employees spend an average of 11.5 hours per week researching and analyzing data that could be provided in integrated project dashboards if they were using intelligently connected systems.

You can simplify your data complexities using Hitachi Solutions’ industry connectors and data lake solutions that reside in your tenant, adhere to your data models and are innately ready for generative AI automation.

Join Hitachi Solutions and Databricks to hear more about how organizations are embracing, accelerating, and unlocking what’s possible:

  • Discover how a data strategy is paramount in modernizing legacy systems.
  • Explore the transition to data lake architecture and its practical solutions.
  • Learn about Hitachi’s collaboration with Databricks and their simplified solutions.
  • Gain insights from Databricks experts on easing the transition to advanced analytics.

You’ll get actionable insights that you can use to help propel your data strategy forward, and position your organization at the forefront of innovation in construction analytics