Need a future-proof data and analytics strategy for transforming your business?

We can put you on the right path, starting with a cross-industry assessment to evaluate your data management maturity and needs. As a trained and certified member of the EDM Council, Hitachi Solutions leverages the Council’s proprietary cloud data management capabilities (CDMC™) and data management capability assessment model (DCAM™) frameworks to provide the kind of structured, comprehensive assessments that are critical to helping our customers manage, control, and secure data in the cloud.

We’re excited to bring these trusted tools to our customers to improve their data and analytics best practices and achieve more. It’s a watershed moment for reimagining data discovery and governance in the cloud.

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What are the Assessments?

Hitachi Solutions has a variety of assessment methods that can be applied to both DCAM™ or CDMC™.


Data Management Readiness Assessment

  • Scope: Single line of business
  • Evidence: Survey responses
  • Deliverable: Assessment results, high-level roadmap
  • Duration: 5 – 8 weeks

Data Management Maturity Assessment

  • Scope: Single line of business
  • Evidence: Survey and workshop responses
  • Deliverable: Assessment Results and High-Level Road Map Recommendations
  • Duration: 5 – 10 weeks

Data Management Audit

  • Scope: Enterprise (multi-LOB)
  • Evidence: All artifacts are quality reviewed
  • Deliverable: Assessment results, high-level roadmap, peer group benchmark analysis
  • Duration: 8-10+ weeks
DCAM Assessment Logo, orange circle with blue around it and DCAM logo in the middle

Assessment Methods

DCAM™: Data Management Capability Assessment Model

DCAM™ is the industry standard framework for Data Management. DCAM™ defines the scope of capabilities required to establish, enable and sustain a mature Data Management discipline. It addresses the strategies, organizational structures, technology and operational best practices needed to successfully drive Data Management across your organization, and ensures your data can support digital transformation, advanced analytics such as AI and ML, and data ethics.

CDMC™: Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework

CDMC™ is a comprehensive assessment and certification framework encompassing business, operations, and technology best practices for cloud data management

Groundbreaking new industry framework, collaboratively developed with over 100 industry-leading companies including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

CDMC™ incorporates 14 Key Automated Controls for protecting sensitive data.


DCAM™/CDMC™ Accredited Hitachi Solution Experts


is one of the founding members of the EDM Council’s CDMC workgroup.


companies CDMC™ collaboratively developed with industry-leaders such as AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

Why Hitachi Solutions?

Hitachi Solutions is a member of the EDM Council, the Global Association created to elevate the practice of Data Management as a business and operational priority. The Council is the leading advocate for the development and implementation of Data Standards, Best Practices and comprehensive Training and Certification programs. We are lucky enough to lead the EDM Council’s Best Practice program.

We understand how to apply DCAM™ to practical activities to ensures your data can support digital transformation, advanced analytics such as AI and ML, and data ethics.