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Get Powerful Analytics and AI Capabilities in Days

Empower Data Platform by Hitachi Solutions get you powerful analytics and AI capabilities in days – all in an intuitive solution that launces inside a week.

Empower leverages Microsoft Azure to mature your cloud analytics and AI capabilities. It’s built to take the complexity out of data management, so you spend less time handling disparate data sources and put your focus on driving analytical insights and AI capabilities that change your business for the better.

Empower is built with leading technologies and Microsoft Azure components to tackle the complex data environments of modern enterprises. Empower is a cloud-based platform and matures your analytics capabilities by leveraging Microsoft Azure and all its capabilities – complete with a data lake, automated data acquisition, data quality tools, industry data models, and machine learning.

You’ll see how Empower customers get:

  • Usable data on Azure 55% faster
  • Save 50% on labor expenses
  • Get Empower launched inside a week