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If you still rely on an on-premises provider for analytics, you probably know how difficult and expensive it is to store all your data and perform time-intensive queries. Modernizing your Hadoop workloads on Azure Databricks unlocks the benefits of cost-efficiency, and provides your organization with business-critical insights, a unified experience, and unmatched security and flexibility so you are prepared for whatever may come tomorrow. Azure Databricks is a fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark™-based platform that brings together all your data and ML workloads for faster decision making


Customers, such as Sam’s Club, migrated their on-premises Hadoop clusters to Azure Databricks and are seeing the benefit of a platform that is streamlined, scalable, elastic, and cost-effective. For Sam’s Club, they experienced reduced infrastructure costs by $900K, and fresh processing analysis went from 7 hours to 40 minutes.

Microsoft is currently helping some of our largest customers move their Hadoop workloads onto our unified Apache Spark based analytics platform called Azure Databricks. Many organizations move their on-premises workloads to Azure Databricks to eliminate the high CAPEX that comes with legacy on-premises systems and bring fresh insights to their business. Once on Azure, you can seamlessly integrate other native, analytics services such as Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake Storage.


Increase in revenue by unlocking new data science opportunities

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Savings from retiring on-prem infrastructure and legacy licenses


Improved data team productivity delivering faster time to market

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At our heart, we are technologists with a keen understanding of business environments, challenges, and initiatives. Our team of experts bring decades of technical and consulting knowledge, project leadership, and an understanding of complex problem-solving. We have an established track record in all things Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, including Application Services, Azure Infrastructure, Data Platform Services, Machine Learning, User Experience, and IoT.

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Nothing is more critical to your business than a coherent, de-risked cloud strategy. The problem is knowing where to start. Cloud offerings are increasing and the already confusing vendor space is becoming difficult to navigate. We can help you map out your strategy, prioritize your cloud enablement objectives, and speed your adoption of the right cloud services for your business.

Hadoop to Databricks Migration Assessment

2 Week Assessment – starting at $15,000

Reduce costs by simplifying your data estate and eliminating data silos between data engineers, data scientists, and analysts. Hitachi Solution’s team of certified experts will perform an end-to-end assessment of your Hadoop infrastructure and develop your roadmap to success with Azure Databricks.

The engagement includes an overview of the Databricks features compared to corresponding Hadoop features, as well as highlighting the superior capabilities in Databricks pertinent to your organization’s analytics priorities.

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