Let’s Talk About Fusion

Low-code and pro-code FUSION. It’s not weird science. It’s one of today’s best business tools for modernizing and making everyday enterprise operations better for everyone.

Whether you’re new to Microsoft Power Platform or in the process of improving your people’s productivity through business applications, join Hitachi Solutions’ Power Platform and App Innovation experts as they talk about how they’re developing solutions for customers to modernize their work with these powerful tools.

Our Fusion Webinar Series

Gone are the days when low-code and pro-code business applications couldn’t — or wouldn’t — work together. At Hitachi Solutions, we’re solving business issues everyday by collaborating and marrying these two powerful capabilities for better business outcomes.

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Chapter 1: Low-code Platform

  • Why low code?
  • Advantages of using low-code technology
  • Who is using low code?
  • The challenges facing digital transformation

Chapter 2: Introduction to Governance for the Power Platform

  • Approaching Power App migration to pro code
  • How to ensure a smooth deployment and adoption of the Power Platform
  • Setting up guardrails to protect the business’ data
  • Creating safe spaces for makers
  • How to nurture innovation and develop super users
  • Scaling the Power Platform

Chapter 3: Developer Velocity – Process & Innovation Acceleration

  • Fusion development: Looking at the big picture and where does Power Platform fit within the enterprise
  • When fusion development makes sense
  • Low-code app development and professional engineering working together
  • Architecting the enterprise to include Power Apps
  • Developer velocity, process, and leveraging Power Apps as an innovation accelerator

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If you want to learn more about how Hitachi Solutions works to empower our customers through Microsoft solutions and services, check out Wes Seward’s (pro-code expert and on-site presenter) Focus on Fusion development blog here.