We are Hitachi Solutions

We are a team of innovators who empower our customers through Microsoft solutions and services.

we listen. we learn. we create. we amplify. we collaborate. we integrate. we care

Who are we?

Hitachi Solutions is a global cloud-services, systems integrator. We are a 100% Microsoft platform focused organization, where our people and our customers are always top priority.

Our mission — “To contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products” — works in tandem with that of Microsoft’s — “To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

Our team of 3,500+ world-class professionals across the globe work together to innovate and build sustainable business modernization solutions that empower our customers. Always forward thinking, creating an environment where companies flourish in the ever-evolving competitive landscape.

We are People-first, Experience-led, Customer-driven

What does that mean exactly?

We employ people who are not just bright, dexterous & conscientious, but people who possess a customer-focused sparkle.

Our customers rely on us to be the navigational beacon for all-things technology, which is why know-how is crucial. Therefore, we endorse our employees to bloom big. Our development and training programs are in constant motion. Agile and adaptable, our curriculum is both team and individual strength-oriented, designed to further an environment where passion, development and innovation collide. An eagerness to wow and delight our customers is an absolute must to bring distinct business solutions to life that allow our customers to focus on their core business.

Hitachi Solutions unlocks and brings potential forward for both our customers and our team members.

How do we help customers?

With leading capabilities across all Microsoft applications and technologies, we support and accelerate our customers’ digital transformation initiatives — from inception to infinity, and beyond.  Our breadth of expertise supports us to guide and advise our customers through their digital journey – from readiness assessment to value discovery to strategic road mapping to design and delivery to support – we call this end-to-end approach our Digital Compass™.

We are 100% Microsoft platform focused.

When it comes to the Microsoft ecosystem and technologies, Hitachi Solutions brings serious expertise. With nearly 20 years of experience in our review mirror, we continue to focus exclusively on delivering only Microsoft solutions, digitally transforming the way companies do business, end-to-end.

We are immersed in all-things innovative technology.

It is our depth of proficiency and growth mindset that we rely on to navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, and that fosters our customer’s evolution. When Hitachi Solutions builds a comprehensive Microsoft solution, we combine the learnings of the past with innovative technology know-how of today. At the same time, ensuring we are continually moving in a forward direction, providing thought leadership as we head into the technology of tomorrow.

We are zeroed in on being our customers’ best partner for life.

Hitachi Solutions takes the success of our customers personally.  We invest our every resource, at each touch point, across each practice. We work side-by-side with companies to define their technological needs and challenges and build custom solutions around those cornerstones. Our goal is to always, lay the groundwork for an agile future.  Find out more about our technical achievements.

Hitachi Solutions’ 3 Pillars of Strength


MAKOTO | SINCERITY — A people first mentality
WA | HARMONY — Strength in our differences
KAITAKUSHA-SEISHIN | PIONEERING SPIRIT — A focus on the broad and future landscape

Where did Hitachi Solutions come from?

Hitachi Solutions is part of Hitachi, Ltd. — one of the largest organizations in the world. We are fortunate to be a part of this extraordinary network of innovators where we have instant access to the experience and insight of over 850 companies worldwide.

We at Hitachi Solutions inherently embrace our Japanese heritage and engage with 3 things in mind.

Sincerity. Harmony. Pioneering Spirit. Read more about our company’s history.

Our Leadership Team

Hitachi Solutions’ ideals transcend down from those trusted to lead Hitachi Solutions into the technology of tomorrow. It is because of our CEO and team of executives that many of us choose to be here. But not only that. This leadership team is also why we choose to stay for the foreseeable future. Learn more about the diverse backgrounds of some of our North American leadership team.

Our People Communities

Let’s face it. The world we live in is full of complexity. Life is hard, even in the midst of the best circumstances. Which is why we at Hitachi Solutions North America want to provide a place of connection for our employees. From our employee communities to our Advanced Leadership Program, we believe recognizing and amplifying individual strengths as a part of our collective matrix is where it all begins. Committing to see each person’s unique value and set them up for success by identifying where their strengths will have the most impact. To learn more, please visit our connected communities.

Our Company & Sustainability

As a company who values humans first, “to sustain or not to sustain” is not a question we ask ourselves. It is our responsibility to take care of our planet. And as a leader in the IT consulting space — Hitachi Solutions wants to set earth and humans up for success now and in the future through relevant and applicable science, leveraging Microsoft business applications and technologies. Learn more about Hitachi group companies and sustainability here.

Our Awards & Recognition

We don’t want to toot our own horn… Wait a minute. Of course we do!

Hitachi Solutions is incredibly proud of our long-standing tenure as both a Microsoft partner and as a recipient of Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards. A more detailed account of our specific award recognition can be found on our timeline.

Our Technical Achievements

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) easily identifies partners with the technical capabilities and experiences they need to help customers meet their digital transformation needs. Read more on how well Hitachi Solutions is positioned to help our customers unlock their potential with Microsoft business applications and technologies.

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