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Your Solutions Sustainment Team for Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, and All Your Microsoft Products

Future Proof Your Business with Always-on Oversight & Response

As companies strive to be more agile and responsive in today’s fast-paced and unpredictable landscape, business transformation initiatives have soared. But to compete and win, you need to be able to squeeze as much value and ROI from your Microsoft technology investments as you can.

So when it comes to modernizing your data and business systems, it’s more important than ever to have an IT sustainment strategy solidly in place. Whether you are going to use in-house support, a managed services provider (MSP), or a hybrid approach, you don’t want it to be an afterthought. Addressing your service plan upfront makes for smoother go lives and transitions, optimizes technology capabilities and performance, and minimizes unplanned downtime and budget surprises.

Hitachi Solutions is an experienced MSP who has your back when it comes to adopting and maintaining Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, and other Microsoft digital transformation technology. Through our skilled global resources, end-to-end support, and cost-effective and flexible options, we’re able to help you establish the ideal sustainment strategy, with the right level of care and cost, for your evolving enterprise needs.

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We Cover for You — Around the Clock and the Globe

No matter what’s driving you — business growth, risk reduction, IT spend management, maximized ROI, or better visibility — Hitachi Solutions managed services offers dedicated end-to-end solution support at a predictable and budget-friendly cost. From staff augmentation to co-sourcing to full support, we become an invaluable extension of your IT resources through:

  • Skilled and trained professionals and access to an extensive global resource network that provides follow-the-sun support
  • Proactive monitoring and system management across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions
  • Advanced problem-solving, planning and strategy, team training, knowledge transfer, specialized skills, complex issues, and more
  • Custom support models that give you the freedom to choose the level of service you want — a few business hours, 24/7/365 monitoring, periodic managed care, or somewhere in between

What are the Benefits

With Hitachi Solutions responsible for your cloud migration and storage, server maintenance, network monitoring and security, and infrastructure management, you can stay on top of issues that can cause downtime, rest assured your systems are secure and compliant, and that you are getting the most value you can from your Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft technology investments. And, your IT team is free to focus on higher priority items that allows users to do their jobs better and help your company grow faster.

Microsoft Managed Services Key Customer Drivers

Expert Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Cloud Service

Whether you’re implementing cloud-based ERP or CRM, AI and IoT, low-code and app innovation, mobility, or other digital transformation solutions, Hitachi Solutions covers support for the entire Microsoft ecosystem including Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Power BI, Azure, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and much more.

We are a premier Microsoft partner with the local and global presence, industry and technology expertise, and winning strategy needed to guide, advise, and fully-support your end-to-end business transformation goals — reducing costs, mitigating risks, and helping to future-proof your technology as your enterprise grows. Services include:

  • Platform & infrastructure
  • Ongoing application updates
  • App support & app innovation
  • Reporting, data & analytics
  • Application, infrastructure & cloud security monitoring
  • Azure Managed Services
  • And more…

How We Partner with Customers


Dedicated Support, When and Where You Need It

When you sign up for Microsoft managed services with Hitachi Solutions, we’re able to offer regional Customer Success Managers (CSMs), as well as dedicated offshore managers for global projects. This ensures your systems are always covered, regardless of whether you need support domestically or abroad.

We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure but — unlike other providers — we also have product experts for almost every solution within the Microsoft stack. Let us help you improve, manage, and maintain your entire Microsoft ecosystem, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid setup. With Hitachi Solutions, you can expect tailored support and options that include:

  • Customized, scalable full-suite support for Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Power BI, Azure, SharePoint, Teams, Microsoft 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and more
  • A single point of contact to help you with business applications, collaborative tools, and data analytics
  • Certified support professionals who can provide highly responsive coverage, which can be extended to 24/7/365
  • A centralized service desk and cloud-based ticketing system
  • A command center for proactive 24/7 monitoring and alert management of your most critical resources, ensuring your applications stay secure and online
  • Flexible add-on services to assist with specialized skills and complex issues
  • Preventive maintenance and continuous improvement

Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics

Keep Your Applications, Infrastructure, and Cloud Secure

With ever evolving and daily security threats, the need for consistent uptime, and shrinking in-house IT staffing, the best way to stay a step ahead is with monitoring. Adding this managed services capability provides the upkeep team with additional tools and offers more comprehensive insight, and the ability to understand multiple environments. Failure to do so properly can result in downtime, frustration, and security issues.

Benefits of working with Hitachi Solutions to expertly and proactively monitor and manage all your Microsoft technology environments include:

  • Understanding what and how to monitor takes experience to get right. With Hitachi Solutions doing the heavy lifting, we remove the complexity and pressure of doing it yourself.
  • Effective workload and security monitoring significantly reduces application downtime and security threats.
  • Most organizations don’t have the resources available to provide the level of monitoring needed today. We are the knowledgeable resource you need.
  • Knowing your network and infrastructure is healthy and protected at all times gives you peace of mind.

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Expert Support at a Moment’s Notice

By partnering with Hitachi Solutions for Microsoft managed services, you choose the hours of expert support you need, which you’re free to use however you want. You can rely on us to help your systems stay up to date and deal with any unexpected roadblocks, so you can remain focused on moving your business forward.

With Hitachi Solutions as your CSP, your internal IT department will save precious time and resources designing, planning, and deploying solutions. Other benefits include:

  • A single point of communication for all support, billing, licensing, and more
  • A predictable monthly cost
  • Monthly and annual license subscription options to optimize flexibility and cost
  • Licensing expertise and consulting to maximize value
  • Package Microsoft licensing with Hitachi Solutions industry accelerators and IP
  • Setup Azure cost alerting

M365 Support

Keep your M365 Environment Running Smoothly While Growing

While the majority of our customers engage Hitachi Solutions managed services for Dynamics 365, we also provide unmatched support for Microsoft 365 hosted email, Teams, SharePoint, and more. Staying on top of new features, resolving issues, and deploying new configurations can be challenging for any IT department. Finding the right blend of support will ensure your business is effectively managing its ever-growing Microsoft 365 environment.

Hitachi Solutions has expert engineers to answer questions, resolve issues, and advise on the latest M365 functionality. We’re the trusted advisor you need to:

  • Provide guidance on and help roll out new features and upgrades
  • Manage and maintain the environment
  • Manage and triage incoming security alerts
  • Monitor Azure AD Connect health
  • Provide support for technical issues

Operational Runbook

Ensure Operational Readiness

An Operational Runbook is a living and breathing guide that provides you with comprehensive best practices for system maintenance. It covers everything you need to know — from technical details on your environments and security permissions to how to manage product updates and much more.

When created with the expert insights of your business solution, an operational runbook is an amazing everyday resource that ensures:

  • Operational readiness
  • Continuity of performance
  • A roadmap for the future

Having this invaluable document at your fingertips allows for a smooth and easy transition to the team that will be supporting your solution going forward.

Our Microsoft Achievements

Our capabilities and expertise, verified by Microsoft, help customers end-to-end across all of Microsoft’s solution areas.

Our Microsoft Partner Solution Designations Include:

Our Advanced Specializations Include:

  • Infra and Database Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Analytics on Microsoft Azure
  • Modernization of Web Applications to Azure
  • Build and Modernize AI Apps with Microsoft Azure
  • Hybrid Cloud Security
  • Threat Protection
  • Microsoft Identity and Access Management
  • Information Protection and Governance
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Supply Chain
  • Low-Code Application Development

We’re Here to Help

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