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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Japanese word Konsei, 混声 — which translates in English to “mixed voices” – beautifully captures what we aim to accomplish.  Our Konsei initiatives are Hitachi Solutions unique way of creating a sense of community and trust that transcends distance. It is our employees who then breathe life into each entity that foster impartiality, affirmation, unity, and goodness across the company.

Our Diversity and Inclusion programs are centered around equality and equity – in tandem.  We celebrate individuality and eclecticism.

Our Connected People Programs

What we do, who we are, our DEI initiatives & employee development programs – all these things are connected and work together to create an environment where there is something for everyone. Hitachi Solutions North American employee navigational blueprint is growth centered, inclusive, and most importantly self-navigated and different for each person we employ.

We know it is the unique matrix of our collective individual strengths that drive our business forward.  Initiatives such as these – highlighted below – map to the vitality of both our company and employees.

Konsei Pride

Konsei Pride is focused on promoting full equality without restrictions or barriers for LGBTQIA+ individuals at Hitachi Solutions. Our goal is to create an environment that cherishes diversity, promotes inclusion, encourages openness, and ensures safety & dignity while providing programming that supports true allyship.

Konsei Women

Konsei Women advocates for female equality by celebrating our differences. Transparency and openness are at the forefront of this initiative, allowing for a safe space to discuss the workplace challenges we as women face that are different from men.  We provide a platform for mentorship, professional leadership programming and networking support for the women of Hitachi Solutions.

Advanced Leadership Program (ALP)

The ALP is a recognition and development program Hitachi Solutions designed specifically to provide our employees with the opportunity for mentorship, comprehensive training, and leadership that will cast a strong foundation for a successful career. Each year, our executive selects a new group of our employees to participate, those who have exceeded expectations and demonstrated Hitachi Solutions’ values and commitment to excellence.

Launch Program

Launch exemplifies what Hitachi Solutions North America holds dear.  Our people.  As a professional services organization, our employees are the strength of our company.  The Launch program identifies high-potential early career professionals as we hire, train, and develop world-class consultants. For the first 90 days of employment, new consultants chosen for the Launch program are placed in one of our strategically located offices for an intensive training program designed to foster community and collaboration as they are immersed in technology, methodology, and consulting best practices. Learn more about it here.

Career Pivot Program

Are you a consultant by trade, but new to the industry?  Or perhaps looking to put your tech skills and strong industry knowledge to use in a customer setting? One of the great things about Hitachi Solutions is that we afford our employees the opportunity to change their career trajectory, regardless of where they are in their journey.  The Career Pivot Program is an accelerated training program built for just that.  To offer up a lighted path to make that shift and grow.

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