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Modern Businesses Demand Modern Innovation and Development

  • Application modernization services market estimated to hit USD $24.8 billion by 2030. (Market Research Future)
  • On average, more than one half of custom legacy apps are expected to be refactored, replatformed, or repurchased over the next 2 years. (State of Application Modernization)
  • Cloud-native tech adds little value without the support of modernization.
  • Enterprises undergoing modernization and cloud transformation face a skills gap.

Ever-changing expectations and a heightened focus on customer and employee experience call for greater agility, resiliency, and creativity across your technology ecosystem. The pervasive need for superior digital customer and employee experiences is exposing outdated legacy systems and technologies that can’t deliver at the speed required today.

The technological landscape keeps changing, and to remain viable and competitive, organizations (and their applications) need to change with it. Businesses are quickly realizing user experiences must be digitized and optimized with cloud-friendly applications and integrated platforms, all created using shorter development cycles to drive results quickly in a competitive marketplace.

Key Application Challenges Facing Today’s Enterprises

Whether single cloud or multi cloud, we always choose the right tool for the right job. It’s about our customers. If we build it for you, we can assure you it’s secured properly and runs at peak performance. Whether you’re going to the cloud or you’re on-prem, you have to understand where you’re going. You need to have a strategic vision for the project. If there’s an existing system, you need to understand the scope and how the pieces come together – it’s independent of the technologies. Hitachi Solutions comes in and helps you put that vision together first.

Jan Nelson
Vice President, Modern Solutions

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