Innovation: Our Future

February 16 is National Innovation Day, created to help bring attention to those who produce technology, and to those who continue to push the envelope on what can be done and what is potentially possible. In general, it’s a day to celebrate the power of creativity and innovation to solve problems, improve lives, and drive progress.

Think about how far world-changing technologies have come:

  • There are over 4.9 billion active internet users worldwide.
  • There are over 5.15 billion active mobile phone users globally.
  • Over 3.5 billion people use social media regularly.
  • In 2021, worldwide e-commerce sales were over $4.9 trillion.

Technology is making its way into the fabric of what we do daily, and not just in business:  5G technology is providing faster data speeds and improved connectivity, companies like Tesla are exploring autonomous vehicles with self-driving cars, and quantum computing is showing promise for solving complex problems in fields like drug discovery.

What sets innovators apart is that they look at present knowledge and technology and then aim to see beyond its present application. Here at Hitachi Solutions, we celebrate the power of creativity and innovation daily and in many ways:

  • Our team of 3,500+ world-class professionals across the globe work together to innovate and build sustainable business modernization solutions that empower our customers.
  • Our mission — To contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products — works in tandem with that of Microsoft’s — To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.
  • Our research and development team is a nursery for emerging technologies, where we focus on lowering the bar for emerging technology, so our clients can gain value and position themselves well for the future. Today, we’re pursuing exciting developments in Mixed Reality with HoloLens and Oculus.
  • Our outstanding IP, with both services and industry-specific applications, continues to provide cutting-edge features and solutions, enhancing success and improving the lives of customers all over the world.

Here’s just one example: our innovation experts have taken the burgeoning AI chat technology a step further — we are coupling AI with automation in a unique way that can be used to drive repetitive tasks all with a voice command. It’s called Engage for Conversation and is a testament to our continued quest to bring innovation and exciting technology advances to our customers in easy-to-use ways that lower the bar for entry. Check it out!  

At Hitachi Solutions we are dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation that empowers everyone to make decisions and contribute exponentially. Our goal is to build leading-edge solutions to help our customers gain value and position themselves for the future—our Engage for Conversation solution is just one piece of evidence of that.

“Relentless innovation is a core strategy for Hitachi Solutions,” said Gary Peterson, chief strategy officer, and executive vice president. “We’re always asking what’s next. Every team member at Hitachi Solutions has the right to be innovative and the responsibility to bring that forward with confidence and passion to truly nurture a culture of innovation.”

Always forward-thinking, always creating an environment where our customers can flourish, that’s us.

To learn more about how we weave innovation and technology into all we do, visit our website. Also, follow us on LinkedIn to see how our evolving solutions are improving the lives and business success of our customers all over the world.