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What We’re Seeing


invested in AEC tech between 2020 to 2022, 85% higher than the previous three years


of large enterprises will use automation to drive workforce scheduling by 2025


in Microsoft R&D investment driving continuous innovation for the evolving construction landscape


of construction companies plan to use AI in 2022, though readiness varies, per Peak’s Index

The AEC industry is in a phase of technology-led growth, with increased emphasis on efficiency and automation. Legacy manual processes are giving way to productivity enhancements through modern solutions. Investments in integrated processes and improved metrics are on the rise, and simple-to-use field tools and standardized project financials are now essential. Large firms are centralizing and automating project control, with a keen focus on predictive measures to ensure projects stay on track.

Leading companies are innovating in collaboration, connecting architects, engineers, trades, and contractors through real-time data sharing. The rise of integrated design-build companies, offering faster delivery and a unified contact point, is an emerging standard. The key to project success lies in meticulous planning and robust collaboration with third parties.

Challenges Facing AEC Industries

How We Can Help


An advisory partner well-versed in the unique challenges of the construction sector can help you identify the tools and strategies you need, and just as importantly, what you don’t need. Our advisory experts can guide discussions on key challenges like barriers to project data unification, technology adoption struggles, and the trade-offs of working with property technology.  With strategic insights into future-proofing your operations, enhance your client experiences, and fostering innovation.

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Analytics & AI

Leverage the powerful combination of analytics and AI to revolutionize your construction planning and management processes. Harness AI for generative design options, automated scheduling, and project outcome prediction, and use data analytics for insightful decision-making, labor shortage identification, resource allocation, and performance monitoring.

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Digital Transformation

Projects involve countless variables, and strategic innovation can transform operations and outcomes. Automate manual processes, such as progress tracking, material ordering, and resource allocation. Enable predictive modeling to foresee potential challenges, from weather-related delays to cost overruns, allowing proactive adjustments. With tailored innovations, construction businesses can navigate the complexities of the industry more efficiently and competitively.

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Governance & Security

Solidify your data governance practices and security measures to handle a myriad of stakeholders and data sources. Enhance strategic planning, decision-making, project execution, and regulatory compliance. Safeguard against cyber threats to protect sensitive project data, ensuring the integrity of your operations and maintaining client trust., crucial in an industry governed by stringent safety, labor, and environmental standards.

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Microsoft Business Applications

Reimagine your business processes with cloud-based applications that provide real-time data access to all members of your team. From improving client relations to making informed decisions, our solutions enable efficiency, productivity, and a greater return on your investment.

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Microsoft Technology

Optimize your construction operations with secure and scalable infrastructure solutions. Facilitate collaboration through modern tools, support custom application development, and safeguard your critical data with robust security measures for sustained business growth and continuity.

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Our Approach

What Sets Us Apart

Our goal is to empower architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies with the tools and expertise they need to navigate the complexities of their industry, from strategic planning to project delivery and closeout. Together, we can help you drive innovation and transform the way your projects are designed and built.

Jon Loring
Industry Strategy Director – Construction, Hitachi Solutions

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