From Scaffolds to Spreadsheets, We’ve Got Construction Data Covered

Elevate Your Construction Analytics with Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform

Your Blueprint for Transformative Construction Insights

Constructing a successful project is akin to orchestrating a well-timed symphony. It requires leadership with strategic foresight and an integrated set of tools to bring every piece together harmoniously.

We created the Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform to revolutionize how you manage and interact with your project data. Our solution aggregates data from hundreds of sources in near-real-time, enabling actionable insights that not only make your projects successful but also highly efficient.

Let’s Build a Better Data Platform

Empower Data Platform offers a streamlined method of rapidly centralizing your data sources in a matter of days onto a single cloud platform. We wrangle your varied data – supporting more than 200 sources – onto the Empower Data Platform where it can then be used to manifest intelligence your teams utilize to streamline and optimize projects, avoid cost overrun, build better proposals, and more. See all your project data in one place from a single source – and we get you up and running in week one and for half the cost.

Hitachi Solutions built the Empower Data Platform to offer customers a fully managed, subscription-based modern data estate. At its core, Empower’s analytics and artificial intelligence models are driven by Delta Lake, a transaction-based open format. Empower uses Databricks and Spark to prepare data for analytical business insights.

Empower is our Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offering, deployed in week one, enables any organization to get data flowing into its Azure Data Lake (gen2), with fully automated data onboarding, data quality tools, APIs, advanced monitoring, and user-friendly interfaces.

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Empowering Microsoft Fabric Adoption

It’s not difficult to see how Microsoft Fabric is a game changer. What may be less clear is how it can accelerate your data journey.

The Empower Data Platform bridges your organization’s readiness between now and general availability of Fabric. It seamlessly works to ready your enterprise — and your enterprise data — to capitalize on the potential of everything AI has to offer now and in the future.

Click here to learn more about our unique that accelerates your Fabric offer.

Your Command Center for Unprecedented Project Control

You may currently find yourself dealing with fragmented data across various project management tools, which complicates your ability to have a comprehensive view of your project health. Gone are the days when these data silos hinder your capability to make well-informed decisions on-the-fly.

With Empower Data Platform enables you to have a unified project management dashboard that combines over 200 data sources, including popular industry tools like Procore, Autodesk, and more. This enables deeper analytics that translate into more effective, agile management.

Accelerate Your Construction Data Insights with Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform

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Real-World Applications for Construction Analytics

Once Empower Data Platform is up and running, your teams can leverage that sole source of near real-time data to get results like:

Unified Project View 
Visualize Business Data: Turn intricate spreadsheet data into simplified, real-time dashboards, helping your team keep track of key performance indicators like schedules, costs, and risks.
Mobile Analytics Accessibility: Empower your field teams with on-the-go data, facilitating immediate analysis and informed decisions right at the construction site.

Profitability and Growth Potential  
Budget and Cost Management: Constantly monitor project expenses and detect any cost overruns early, allowing for budget adjustments and higher profitability.
Better Bid-to-Win Ratio: Apply analytics to fine-tune your bidding strategies, enhancing your chances of winning more contracts. 

Safety and Compliance Improvement 
Improved Safety Record: Employ analytics to keep a keen eye on job site safety metrics, ensuring full compliance with industry regulations and minimizing accidents. 

Your Data, Transformed

Empower Data platform unifies your disparate data into a single source of truth your teams can leverage to improve:

  • Project Health: Gain insights into schedules, costs, and potential risks.
  • Resource Allocation: Understand labor and equipment utilization rates.
  • Financial Metrics: Keep tabs on project expenditures, profitability, and future financial forecasts.

A New Foundation for Your Data Platform

Learn more about how the Empower Data Platform, the tech behind it, and how we’re improving analytics for construction companies.

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