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Insurance 101

Why is the Insurance industry going digital?

Insurance is one of the oldest financial businesses in the world. The industry tends to stay traditional and is slow to change, however, new trends have been impacting the insurance marketplace, creating fierce competition. These game changers include:

  • New and surprising players are entering the market
  • Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise and pose consolidation challenges
  • Independent agent model is losing ground to a direct (digital) model
  • New technology is changing customer experiences

In this new landscape, it is critical to win new customers and keep existing customers happy. Often this means providing faster, multi-channel service that is available 24/7. And to do this, insurers must use the latest innovations to ensure operations are as streamlined, agile, and efficient as possible.

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As you look to move away from disparate legacy systems and manual processes, Hitachi Solutions offers the industry expertise and solutions needed to forge the path forward to a modern business model and optimized operations.

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Engage for Insurance

Provide insurance companies with a practical solution to effectively manage and foster profitable relationships across agencies, customers, brokers, and other partners.

  • Distribution Relationship Management (DRM)
  • Risk Management
  • Direct Channel Management (DCM)
  • Producer Productivity Suite
  • Policy Integration Toolbox
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Dynamics 365 Tools

You’ve invested a lot in your custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. Protect that investment against the negative effects of inefficient integrations, constant platform release cycles, and changing business needs.

  • Shortcut costly add-ons and complex integrations
  • Automate software releases and upgrades
  • Simplify rule and code changes
  • Plug-ins, libraries, and other tools
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Empower: Analytics as a Service

Take full control of your data through Analytics as a Service (AaaS) with Empower. Featuring an enterprise-class data platform on Azure Data Services, this platform includes the best tooling available for enhancing the base Azure platform.

  • Greater visibility
  • Eliminates the mundane
  • Continued support
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of insurance CEOs are concerned about the speed of technological changes facing the industry


of insurance business systems today are legacy applications that stand in the way of serving customers better


of consumers continue insurer relationships based on the quality of the experience

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