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What We’re Seeing


Highly effective life insurance companies have experienced a 50% increase in their IT expenditure over the past four years


of US online adults with insurance said they are looking for insurance rates that adjust automatically based on their usage or behavior


of insurance software decision makers say reducing costs will be a top business priority into mid-2023


Over 40% P&C carriers in the United States have formed relationships with MGAs in different capacities — enabling these carriers to gain quicker entry into new markets

Insurance is one of the oldest financial businesses in the world. The industry has tended to stay traditional and be slow to change, however, new trends have been impacting the insurance marketplace, creating fierce competition and prompting transformational changes. These game changers include:

  • New players are entering the market
  • Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise and pose consolidation challenges
  • Independent agent model is losing ground to a direct (digital) model
  • New technology is changing customer expectations and experiences

In this new landscape, it is critical to win new customers and keep existing customers happy. Often this means providing faster, multi-channel service that is available 24/7 and to do this, insurers must use the latest innovations to ensure operations are as streamlined, agile, and efficient as possible.

Challenges Facing the Insurance Industry

How We Can Help


The insurance industry is under pressure from rising costs and increased competition. To compete and gain new customers, lowering costs, reducing risk, better addressing policyholder needs, and fostering greater business agility are critical initiatives.

We guide customers through the changes occurring in the market landscape, helping you build agile business processes and establish lasting relationships.

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Analytics & AI

Analytics and AI are affecting nearly every aspect of the insurance industry. Reduce costs by better anticipating and preventing losses, as well as preventing fraudulent claims more effectively while enhancing understanding of policyholder behavior and identifying opportunities for improving engagement and offering personalized products.

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Digital Transformation

Insurance organizations making investments in modernizing core systems reap the benefits of improved organizational and technological performance, enhanced quality of customer and employee experiences, and accelerated time to market for new offerings.

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Governance & Security

Deepen risk insights, facilitate regulatory compliance with standards including NAIC, and combat fraud on a highly secure and compliant platform. Protect both agents and policyholders by improving defenses against AML, fraud, and cyber threats.

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Microsoft Business Applications

Deliver differentiated policyholder experiences through deeper insights and relationships across channels. Unify policyholder experiences in a 360-degree view to improve marketing and sales targeting. Modernize contact centers with omnichannel engagement, intelligent self-service, and personalized, safeguarded policyholder interactions.

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Microsoft Technology

Update core systems with the power of modern solutions that harness the power of data on an agile platform that allows insurance organizations to bring new products to market quickly, modernize the underwriting process, automate claims processing, and improve fraud protection.

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Industry Solutions

Effectively manage and foster profitable relationships across agencies, customers, brokers, and other partners with Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Insurance.

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Our Approach

What Sets Us Apart

Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft have the modern digital solutions and industry expertise that insurance organizations require to meet the challenges of the dynamic market and be more competitive, profitable, and responsive.

For over a decade, Hitachi Solutions has empowered insurance organizations to enhance their technological infrastructures. From connected, cloud-based relationship management solutions to robust analytics and security capabilities, our industry IP and expertise across the Microsoft platform is helping our customers stay on top of an ever-changing landscape.

Our close relationship with Microsoft, access to global resources, and ability to deliver local support make us unique amongst independent software vendors. Let us prove how our battle-tested methodology and Insurance IP can be a vital solution for you to modernize your infrastructure, remain competitive, and deliver results to your internal and external customers.

The insurance industry is encountering a mix of challenges and opportunities. Rising costs and increased competition are turning the industry on its head. To both compete and charge higher premiums, insurance companies need to unlock meaningful connections with their customers and engage them with personalized experiences. By leveraging data-driven insights and agile business processes, insurers can seize opportunities at the right moment, delivering personalized coverage recommendations and building lasting relationships.

James Galvin

James Galvin
Senior Director, Healthcare and Insurance

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