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Hitachi Solutions is a people company. Our team members drive our business success. They have a passion for technology, personify “customer-obsessed,” and are innovators at heart. Every North America team member is important to our ability to execute on behalf of our customers and help us work toward being their strategic partner for life. With over 1,300+ team members in North America, there are far too many to name. All are essential, but we wanted to introduce a few of our leaders.

Tom Galambos

President and Global Chief Operating Officer linkedin icon

Mountain trekker.  Rocket scientist (for real!).  Business value vanguard. 

Tom is Hitachi Solutions current President and Global Chief Operating Officer and has been an integral part of the Hitachi, Ltd. Family since 2012.  Without a doubt, operations is Tom’s thing.  He brings forward a level of executive experience that spans both deep and wide, ranging across industry from P&L responsibility to organizational development and strategy to thought leadership. Tom first became President and COO of Hitachi Solutions North America before moving into his most recent role.  Same title, but now global reach.

Tom and his wife spend most of their time in Winthrop, WA where they enjoy a true outdoor lifestyle – riding horses, skiing, and getting back to basics.  They have two grown children who also reside in the pacific northwest.

Jerry Hawk

Chief Operating Officer linkedin icon

Flyfishing fanatic.  Culinary wizard. True technologist at heart. 

Jerry is the Chief Operating Officer for Hitachi Solutions North America. Introduced by way of the acquisition of Capax Global, Jerry – the original Capax founder and CEO – joined forces with the Hitachi Solutions team at that juncture in 2018.  Jerry’s genuine passion for delighting the customer is ever-present. His industry knowledge and experience combined with business aptitude both shepherd and inspire Jerry’s natural ability to lead in the technology consulting and services world, where Hitachi Solutions operates and thrives.

Jerry is originally from Redmond, WA – the neck of the woods where ‘Microsoft grew up’.  And sometimes, life has a way of bringing you full circle. After spending many years in Chicago, Jerry and his wife Jessica made their way back to the Pacific Northwest and currently call Bellevue, WA home.

Gary Peterson

Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President linkedin icon

Family devoted. Passionate off-the-tee. Emboldened thinker.

As Hitachi Solutions North America’s Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President, Gary oversees the big picture – focusing on company strategy, corporate development and driving global growth.  Gary, a natural visionary and entrepreneur, holds a true excitement for what’s next.  Together with the executive leadership team, Gary guides the direction and future for Hitachi Solutions North America – always keeping the learnings from where we’ve been to how far we’ve come, top of mind as we navigate the ever-changing world we live in.

Formerly from the Oregon wine country, Gary now lives in Orange County, CA with his wife and three children.

Marcel Narish

Senior Vice President of Marketing linkedin icon

Water lover. Avid reader. Creative shaman.

Marcel joined Hitachi Solutions North America in 2021 and is our Senior Vice President  of Marketing. Marcel brings with her a plethora of valuable go-to-market strategy know-how and proficiency, along with a mentor-management style that is truly unmatched. Her experience spans across the partner ecosystem – working both at Microsoft and Microsoft partner companies during her career.

Marcel is a native of the state of Ohio – the home of the buckeye, as well as the pawpaw and red carnation. She and her husband Dennis have five grown children and now enjoy life in and around their home in the Panhandle of Florida.

Jesse Sullivan

Executive Vice President of Solution Delivery linkedin icon

Equal parts water and ski slope. Dauntless advocate. Identifier of strengths.

Jesse is Senior Vice President of Solution Delivery for Hitachi Solutions North America – which means technical excellence is his middle name. Driven by the desire to surpass our customers’ expectations, Jesse ensures that behind every innovation and solution, collaboration and teamwork are the driving force.

An east coaster through and through – Jesse was born and raised in Massachusetts. An eventual migrate west led Jesse to Chicago, where he and his wife lived for 16 years. Five children later, with empty nest-hood looming – Jesse and his wife relocated back east where they call Gilford, NH home.

Pat Langowski

Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Success linkedin icon

Midwest-hearted. Lego-superstructure expert. Company champion.

Pat is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Customer Success for Hitachi Solutions North America. Having spent decades in the technology services arena, Pat brings practical wisdom that translates into a broad understanding of our business of today. Specializing in sales leadership, Pat zeroes in on the challenges of the industry and how our team can harness Microsoft technologies into the best and most sustainable solutions for our customers. Building a team based on trust, respect, and humility is what Pat percolates on each morning over his AM chi latte.

Pat was born in Winona, MN – the stained-glass capital of the United States and Winona Ryder’s namesake and hometown. He and his wife Michelle have two children and now live in Greenville, SC.

Kevin Litzenberger

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Delivery linkedin icon

Sports Enthusiast. Running Man. Deliverer of Excellence.

As Senior Vice President and General Manager of Delivery, Kevin is laser-focused on ensuring our projects are delivered efficiently and effectively to our customers, with quality, every time. His mantra? Standards and quality to ensure speed of implementation. A seasoned executive with a diverse background in IT, project delivery, and change management, Kevin brought his winning perspective and skills to the company in 2020.

Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, Canada, Kevin now resides in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada — in the heart of BC’s wine country. He and his wife have two children and one grandson.

James Gurney

Executive Vice President of Consulting linkedin icon

Lover of Sports and Travel Adventures. Collaborative Spirit. Microsoft Channel Whisperer.

With Hitachi Solutions since 2013 — and in the Microsoft ecosphere since 2007 — James offers invaluable insider experience as our Executive Vice President of Consulting Services. Consulting is the backbone of our business and as leader of that team, he is passionate about innovation, collaboration, and failing forward. James strives to ensure we are the go-to, trusted digital advisor for life, no matter the customer.

Before making technology his career, James dabbled in show business. His first job? As a  stunt double for the movie The Rookies (check it out). He currently lives in Shorewood, WI with his wife and two kids.

Lisa Mitchell

Vice President of Human Resources linkedin icon

“Bend-it-like-Mitchell” forward-wing. Dog walker & devotee. Hearts & minds ambassador.

Lisa is Vice President, Human Resources for Hitachi Solutions North America. Lisa’s great passion is ensuring our people have the tools, and a shared, constructive environment that sets each team member up for success. It is this sentiment and dedication that makes Lisa the perfect person for the job! She oversees our HR initiatives and employee programs and is a driving force of our organization and climate. Lisa whole heartedly understands that when humans are engaged and inspired, companies and employees collide in success.

Home to Double Trouble State Park, Lisa hails from Bayville, NJ – famous for Ocean Spray cranberry juice. She now lives in Burlington, Ontario, Canada with her husband Patrick and their two children.

Jan Yansak

Executive Vice President of Finance linkedin icon

Climber of steep terrain. Nurturing spirit. Bottom-line aficionado.

Jan Yansak is Senior Vice President of Finance for Hitachi Solutions North America. Jan and numbers are of one body and soul – where the sum of our parts, theories of quantum and financial literacy are her thought bubbles. Traversing across the world of finance throughout her successful career, Jan currently oversees accounting, internal controls, and the comprehensive financial health of the North American region for Hitachi Solutions.

Originally from New England, Jan became a Midwesterner while she and her husband Paul raised their two daughters in the state of Michigan. Once the nest became empty, Jan and Paul headed out west in search of new experience. Ultimately landing in “the biggest little city in the world”, they currently reside in Reno, NV.

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