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Here at Hitachi Solutions, we specialize in empowering healthcare payors and providers to achieve their goals through the use of digital solutions that harness the power of the Microsoft ecosystem. We have the industry experience and the technical expertise to deliver the solutions that health payors and providers need to overcome obstacles, enhance efficiency, improve outcomes, drive business value, and do more with their data.

Health Provider Solutions

Deliver exceptional experiences that improve patient outcomes through the use of innovative technology.

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Health Plan Solutions

Transform the member experience and drive business value with purpose-built health plan solutions.

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Modernizing for Better Experiences and Efficiency

Creating more value for members, patients, clinicians, and the vast network of constituents healthcare organizations connect with is a critical end goal.

Digital innovations and technology can help achieve that goal; however, many sectors within the healthcare industry have faced challenges to overcome technical debt, and on-premises legacy systems still dominate many organizations. To gain the needed competitive advantage, health payors and providers need to modernize their infrastructures, platforms, and applications, as well as:

  • Transform member, patient, and provider experience
  • Deliver holistic member and patient care management
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs across the business
  • Harness the power of data to strengthen broker and member relationships
  • Maintain compliance in a dynamic environment

The line between your healthcare provider and health plan is becoming blurred. With the move towards value-based care, providers are now shouldering financial risks and focusing on patient outcomes, while payors are offering new wellness and preventive care initiatives. This convergence of efforts aligns incentives, cuts down costs, and ultimately enhances patient care. Generative AI is playing a critical role in this convergence by empowering providers and payors to harness the power of shared data, leading to improved decision-making, predictive care management, and population health management. The result, more accurate diagnoses, optimized care, and better patient outcomes.

James Galvin

James Galvin
Senior Director, Industry Strategy

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