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Amplify Your Business Strategy with Our Innovations

Empowering Business Growth with Our Innovations

For over two decades, our innovation has been fueled by industry experience and technology expertise. Our teams create cutting-edge business solutions that remove complexity from your business and drive results. Our human-led, tech-powered solutions and accelerators are designed to seamlessly integrate into your business strategy and expedite your business goals. And we’ve deployed them thousands of times.

We believe in partnering, not just providing. We understand that you know the direction your business needs to take. Our role is to comprehend your goals and forge a path to get you there.

Our team is a powerhouse of industry experts and technology enthusiasts, dedicated to crafting solutions that do more than just meet business needs – they redefine possibilities. Our team’s relentless dedication to innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of our customers’ business strategies, is what truly sets us apart.

Jerry Hawk
Hitachi Solutions COO, North America

Powered by Partners

Every day at Hitachi Solutions, we witness the power of partnership in action as Microsoft and Databricks combine their strengths to tackle complex business and industry-specific challenges. We are proud to be award-winning partners of both Microsoft and Databricks.

Hitachi Solutions’ expertise across the Microsoft and Databricks stack allows our team of experts to seamlessly leverage these capabilities within our solutions. The synergy of these two technological giants enables us to deliver impactful, tailored solutions that drive real results for our customers.

Hitachi Solution was named the Databricks Disruptor Partner of the Year for 2023 for our Empower Data Platform. Our team members have also been awarded for their leadership in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem 51 times over the last 17 years.

About Our Innovation Team

At Hitachi Solutions, we believe in the power of technology to transform businesses, streamline operations, and drive growth. We have an entire team committed to the research and development of innovative technology and business solutions.

Our Innovation team has a diverse set of minds, from industry experts to technology enthusiasts, who work hand-in-hand to deliver tailored solutions that work for businesses.

Our solutions are underpinned by Databricks for data science and Microsoft for robust business, data, AI, and business solutions. This combination of leading-edge platforms and our team’s proficiency ensures the delivery of high-quality, data-driven, innovative solutions that can transform the way you do business.

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