Drive Business Insights from All Your Data Sources

Transform Disparate Data Into Centralized Intelligence in Days, Not Weeks

Rich On Data, But Poor On Insights?

If your company is like most businesses, then you’re drowning in data and thirsting for insights.

Enterprises are flooded with data in every direction, but few can leverage those oceans of information to make informed decisions that positively impact operations, customer experiences, and bottom lines.

We Help Make Your Data Actionable

We created a streamlined method of rapidly centralizing your data sources in a matter of days onto a single cloud platform called the Lumada Empower Data Platform. We wrangle your varied data – supporting more than 200 sources – onto the Empower Data Platform where it can then be used to manifest intelligence your teams utilize to make strategic business decisions, regardless of company size or industry.

The bottom line: Empower helps your bottom line.


faster access to usable data for our customers with Empower


reduction on Azure costs through Empower’s optimized pipelines


savings on labor costs associated with project development

A Platform for Excellence

The benefits of Empower trickle down through your entire enterprise.

  • Speed to Value
    Our customers get to usable data 55% faster with Empower. We also add time savings for your engineering teams by automating low-priority tasks that free them up to focus on the data projects that drive results for your business.
  • Reduce Costs
    Customers see an average decrease of 65% on Azure costs through Empower’s optimized pipelines while saving 50% on labor costs associated with project development. And savings will continue to grow as more workloads are moved to operations.
  • A Platform Team, Without Platform Team Costs
    Hitachi Solutions experts add capabilities to your data estate without the level of cost it would take to do it independently. In fact, most companies pay 14% more on migration over their planned spend each year for internal inefficiencies when managing data modernizations themselves, according to McKinsey research.
  • Leverage All Your Data with Less Manual Work
    When changes occur in your source – like new columns and objects – they are automatically ingested with no manual action required, so you get analytical insights with less manpower.
  • Move with the Cloud
    As the cloud moves, you do too. Azure updates its products every two weeks, but you often need to take action to leverage the latest tech. We do that for you with Empower automatically, based on benchmarks and testing.
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A Data Platform Built on Future-Proof Technology

Lumada is Hitachi Ltd.’s family of advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies that turn data into insights to drive digital innovation. The Lumada Empower Data Platform is built with leading technologies and Microsoft Azure components to tackle the complex data environments of modern enterprises. Mature your analytics capabilities with our cloud-based analytics platform leveraging Microsoft Azure and all its capabilities – complete with a data lake, automated data acquisition, data quality tools, industry data models, and machine learning.

Hitachi Solutions experts created Empower to fit any company size or industry as a flexible, all-in-one data analytics platform to increase operational efficiencies at a lower cost of ownership. Click here to learn more about the technology behind Empower.

Welcome to the future of decision making.

Whether you’re looking to improve operational efficiency as a field service provider, get closer to your retail customers, measure your manufacturing efficiency, use predictive analytics to reduce hospital readmissions, get forward-thinking supply chain planning for your construction company, or anticipate purchasing trends for insurance customers, data is the key to unlocking those capabilities.

Empower offers your business a fully managed data and analytics platform: get all your data, centralized it, surface the intelligence, and visualize it in dashboards that are meaningful and customized to your industry and business.

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