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There are many familiar gripes with data in the wild: it’s messy, it is fragmented, and often incompatible.

Business leaders understand that data doesn’t do them much good without a way to transform it and create valuable insights that elevate their business, customer experiences, and operations. But the prime challenge in building successful models is data preparation — and it’s usually the biggest expense of any advanced analytics project.

Empower gives you the means to oversee and excel in the orchestration and operations of Azure data analytics regardless of your team’s maturity or size: for smaller teams looking for the basics, or large teams interested in advanced APIs and tooling. As always, time is money. And Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform reduces time to launch and cost to build.

So How Do We Do It?

Hitachi Solutions built the Empower Data Platform to offer customers a fully managed, subscription-based modern data estate. At its core, Empower’s analytics and artificial intelligence models are driven by Delta Lake, a transaction-based open format. Empower uses Databricks and Spark to prepare data for analytical business insights.

Empower is our Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offering, deployed in week one, enables any organization to get data flowing into its Azure Data Lake (gen2), with fully automated data onboarding, data quality tools, APIs, advanced monitoring, and user-friendly interfaces.

We leverage Databricks Data Lake cloud platform for its strength in data science and machine learning applications. Empower utilizes the Lakehouse platform to give end-users richer information faster and at less cost. The value of data lakes for customers is to provide compute options on enterprise data to enable actionable results. SQL warehousing, data science, machine learning, and streaming are far more manageable and governed with Databricks Lakehouse and the open Delta Lake format compared to alternate solutions, driving vital benefits. This unified approach simplifies modern data stacks by eliminating data silos that separate and complicate data engineering, analytics, BI, data science and machine learning.

The Hitachi Solutions Difference

Empower is fully managed by Hitachi Solutions, meaning you’ll have the support of an entire team of data scientists, software developers, and operations experts, as well as access to a world of data analytics capabilities, all without having to dedicate additional time, budget, or resources.

Empower accelerates and significantly reduces the time required for creating Microsoft Azure Modern Data Estates and porting/operating workloads in the cloud. Whether that’s fully managed data, analytical reporting, or acquiring our services to ramp up time in a massive migration.

Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform drives a host of valuable benefits:

  • Significant cost efficiencies through greater automation of developer build activity and reduction of maintenance cycles
  • Industry-specific data models can reduce model development effort by 80%, reduce data storage by 40%, and reduce time to market by 30%-60%
  • Customer experience, marketing and customer service, product development are key beneficiaries of Empower’s acceleration
  • Continuously upgraded and aligned with the Microsoft data platform’s ongoing evolution – future proofed!

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