Disruptor partner of the year event banner Disruptor partner of the year event banner

Hitachi Solutions Named Databricks Disruption Partner of the Year

Hitachi Solutions has never made its success following the status quo.

This is why we’re so proud to announce that Databricks has given us the 2023 Disruptor Partner of the Year Award. The Disruptor Award celebrates partners who are blazing new trails and leading the market by implementing cutting-edge streaming AI use cases that others will follow, including early successes with applied Large Language Models. 

The award was announced at the Databricks Data & AI Summit, where several leaders from Hitachi Solutions are featured speakers in this premier event for the global data community.  

Hitachi team at the databricks event holding the award

We are elated to be honored with the Disruptor Award today and couldn’t be happier to partner with Databricks, an incredible leader in the AI and data space. Our products and services use Azure Databricks because it allows us to solve problems for our customers in new and innovative ways, utilizing advanced technology with less sharp edges. I’m so proud of our team, who are not only incredibly brilliant researchers and engineers, but are also such a pleasure to work with as we break new ground in real-time BI and AI solutions.

Databricks has more than 2,000 partners globally that are critical to building and delivering some of the best data and AI solutions in the world. Nearly 300 nominations were submitted by companies from diverse industries and regions across six categories in the annual Databricks Data Team Awards.

Hitachi Solutions’ Empower Data Platform sits at the center of our success as a disruptor. Empower is a single platform that rapidly centralizes data sources in a matter of days onto a cloud platform, getting customers usable data 55% faster at half the cost. Our research to make this possible for customers won Hitachi Solutions this reward. 

Empower leverages Databricks’ platform for its strength in data science and machine learning applications and utilizes the Lakehouse design (now the underpinning of Microsoft’s offerings, too) to give end-users richer information faster and at less cost. The value of delta lake for customers is to provide compute options on enterprise data to enable actionable results. SQL warehousing, data science, machine learning, and streaming are far more manageable and inexpensive with Databricks Lakehouse and the open Delta Lake format compared to alternate solutions, driving ROI for our customers. This unified approach simplifies modern data stacks by eliminating data silos that separate and complicate data engineering, analytics, BI, data science and machine learning.

How We Won

One of our customers, a global manufacturer with billions in annual sales, was struggling with the volume of their data: both on-prem and with other cloud data products. This firm was spending over a million dollars a year to sync and process their Dynamics 365 data, plus another $40k a month in direct warehousing costs. They wanted to move away from an on-prem solution, but simply did not have an option before Lakehouse.

We utilized Empower to achieve over $1 Million in direct savings and substantially increased business visibility with near real-time analytics.

With “just SQL” and Hitachi Solutions’ tools, this customer is leveraging analytical insights and has a pathway to fully retire their dated on-prem warehousing solution, resulting in substantial performance improvements and cost savings.

This is why we come to work every day. Helping business become smarter, more profitable, and with improved customer experiences is why we created Empower. And having an invaluable partner like Databricks makes it all the better for our customers.

Click here to learn more about Empower and how we utilize Databricks to rapidly centralize and streamline data for our customers at half the cost.