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of manufacturing facilities use paper records of maintenance rounds

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smart factory initatives will fail due to a lack of supply chain integration by 2025


increased productivity from predictive maintenance, along with a 70% reduction in breakdowns and 25% lower maintenance costs


of a manufacturer’s profit will likely be delivered by aftermarket parts and services

In today’s hyper-competitive, digitally connected world, manufacturers are contending with a host of industry, macroeconomic, and social forces that are reshaping the industry. Global supply chains are shifting and evolving. Consumer buying preferences are changing. Labor shortages require new approaches to productivity and collaboration. Unpredictable economic conditions are creating tighter budgets and greater scrutiny on capital expenditures.

But new challenges also mean new opportunities for growing and capturing market share – and data is the key. Data drives innovative manufacturing business models and customer-centric service offerings, helping to create new value in bridging physical products and digital technologies.

Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry

How We Can Help


Manufacturers need modern solutions to drive business growth and scalability – but it can be difficult to find out where to start (or where to go next). Ensure your system modernization initiatives are seamlessly aligned with business priorities and goals that deliver the most value.

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Analytics & AI

The sheer volume, variety, and velocity of data that manufacturers generate can make it challenging to manage, process, and analyze efficiently. Utilize data and analytics tools that maximize data value, help teams make better decisions faster, and more accurately anticipate trends and future costs.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation strategies in manufacturing are driven in part by external changes (supply chain constraints, de-globalization, energy shortages) and in part by new opportunities (new connected products, revenue streams that include services, new customers in emerging markets). Integrated technology is vital to ensuring resilience and agility, enhancing worker productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction and profitability

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Governance & Security

Manufacturing systems must be built on a foundation of trust. Leverage solutions with industry-leading levels of security, compliance, and privacy, on a secure cloud infrastructure that defends against threats, and protects and governs sensitive data and IP.

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Microsoft Business Applications

Manufacturers continue to push ahead in optimizing their portfolios to focus on areas of specialization, often increasing digital capabilities by M&A activity. With the rise of new business models – under the banner of “machine-as-a-service”, “power-as-a-service”, etc. – manufacturers need business applications that deliver enhanced visibility and intelligence across machine connectivity, business operations, and services.

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Microsoft Technology

Innovation is a mandate of any manufacturer that wants to stay ahead of the competition. Manufacturing is a fast-moving industry that is modernizing at an eyewatering pace – to keep up, manufacturers must adopt the right technologies for unlocking innovation, introducing new products and services, and empowering frontline workers.

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Our Approach

What Sets Us Apart

Digital transformation in manufacturing isn’t solely about technology – it’s about an organization putting the right people, processes, and technology in place to become more agile, efficient, and competitive in a rapidly evolving global landscape. But just as business needs and challenges can differ amongst organizations, digital transformation is not “one-size-fits-all” – and that’s where Hitachi Solutions comes in.

For nearly twenty years, Hitachi Solutions has been a market leader in helping manufacturers solve their most pressing business problems, modernize existing processes, and create more profitable outcomes. With industry-proven expertise, innovative solutions powered by Microsoft cloud technology, and deep technical knowledge, our team is uniquely equipped to help manufacturers reimagine what’s possible.

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