Product as a Service

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Are You Ready for the Future of Manufacturing?

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a major shift from selling equipment as a capital expenditure to an ongoing expense model with value-added services built in. Known as Product as a Service (PaaS), or Servitization, this model enables manufacturers to grow aftermarket value streams and capture revenue throughout the equipment lifecycle. Customers benefit, too — Product as a Service empowers them to buy only what they actually use and gives manufacturers access to usage data, which can be leveraged to optimize product performance and enhance the customer experience.

With Product as a Service, you can…

  • Adapt to changing buyer behavior by enabling your customers to buy only what they use
  • Boost profitability by selling aftermarket parts and service in addition to equipment
  • Gain insight into how customers use your products, thereby strengthening customer relationships and driving loyalty
  • Differentiate your brand on the strength of your combined customer and product experience
  • Leverage the latest technology, including IoT and advanced analytics, for predictive maintenance, product performance optimization, and more

The Building Blocks of Product as a Service

In order to convert to Product as a Service, your manufacturing company requires the right blend of solutions — including IoT technology, advanced data analytics, cloud computing, and AI — plus consultative support. With full command of the Microsoft stack, an embedded data science practice, and years of experience partnering with businesses in the manufacturing sector, Hitachi Solutions has the necessary tools to implement the underlying components essential to building a PaaS model. Not only that, we possess the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through your transformation into a world-class service organization.

Real World Example

Watch our On-Demand Webinar: Predictive Maintenance

As customers demand faster response times, higher quality products, and exceptional experiences, successful service organizations are turning to technology to connect and engage with customers in meaningful ways. This presentation highlights how Clean Energy Fuels, a large alternative transportation fuel provider, did just that.

View the presentation to learn how Hitachi Solutions helped Clean Energy create a proactive, customer-centric maintenance program that makes fueling faster and more efficient.


  • Overview — background of Clean Energy Fuels and the challenges they faced
  • Program Details — review of what the touch-free maintenance solution is and its goals
  • Value and Impact — how the program has affected Clean Energy’s operations, growth, and customer experience
  • Lessons Learned — Key learnings and strategic advice for those embarking on similar projects

Skills, certifications, and experience

We help manufacturers and OEMs drive Product as a Service business value with transformative solutions that help to enable recurring revenue channels, improve cost efficiency, expand product and service offerings, and deepen customer relationships. With nearly two decades of real-world industry and client experience, we have deep expertise in all the components that create a successful Product as a Service transformation — from the manufacturing floor all the way through to service delivery.

Be confident that with Hitachi Solutions as your partner, as we hold 6 out 6 Microsoft Partner Designations. We can support you in technology depth and breadth across all Microsoft technologies and Business Applications. Read more about our technical achievements and why choosing Hitachi Solutions as your partner is the next best step.

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