Automation is Optimization

In about 60 percent of occupations, at least one-third of tasks can be automated, according to McKinsey. This might seem intimidating or even scary, but automation allows you and your teams to work on higher-priority tasks that can improve products, customer experiences, and your bottom line.  

For those not familiar, automation is the process of using technology to minimize and reduce human intervention in processes, systems, and workflows. 

As technology advances, automation is accelerating at a breakneck pace. Many industries, from manufacturing and healthcare to banking and insurance, are using automation and AI to improve their business, automating not only tactical activities but also decision-making and more complex prediction problems.

At Hitachi Solutions, we developed the Empower Data Platform to help maximize your resources by delivering new insights from complex and varied data sources. When it’s centralized onto a modern data estate like Empower, processes utilizing that data can be automated.

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In this demonstration video, we show you how engineering teams can benefit from utilizing the Empower Data Platform to automate meta-driven pipelines for data extraction and ingestion – a traditionally manual task that consumes engineering hours. As you’ll see, Empower can save massive amounts of time and effort through automation, allowing valuable engineers to focus their efforts on more complex tasks that drive more value for your business.