Simplifying Manufacturing Data Management Complexity

Lumada Empower Data Platform: Revolutionizing Manufacturing One Data Point at a Time

Manufacturing has more data than any other industry in the world – and 99% of it is lost

Leading modern manufacturers put data at the core of their decision making in production efficiency, product quality, supply chain management, predictive maintenance, and more. However, the sheer volume and complexity of this data can be overwhelming for those getting started in data management modernization. At Hitachi Solutions, we’re making it easier for manufacturers to centralize data into a single source of truth with the Lumada Empower Data Platform where it can be easily leveraged for analytics – and we can connect previously siloed data in a matter of days and for a fraction of the cost.  

Manufacturers often have more than a dozen ERP systems spread across the globe, all disconnected and with no ability to unify them to get a clearer picture of their enterprise. Empower Data Platform wrangles your varied data – supporting more than 200 sources – onto the Empower Data Platform, delivering the intelligence your teams need to make strategic business decisions.

Making Manufacturing Data Simpler to Handle

Empower Data Platform automates the ingestion, modeling, and sharing of your data. Regardless of their technical expertise, any user can manage and configure data with ease. Empower offers a wealth of benefits tailored to the unique needs of manufacturers:

  • Production Efficiency: Improve production efficiency using diverse data sources and advanced analytics.
  • Product Quality: Monitor and improve product quality based on insights derived from production data.
  • Supply Chain Management: Optimize supply chain management based on data-driven insights.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Predict and prevent machinery failure, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Security and Privacy: Ensure sensitive data is compliant with regulations and safe from breaches or unauthorized access.
  • Easy Reporting: Simplify audits and reporting with centralized access to data.


Manufacturing companies that embrace data-driven enterprise are 38% more profitable 


Faster access to usable data for our customers with Empower


of the data collected by enterprises is a mystery. Unknown, untouched – by anyone.


Savings on labor costs associated with project development

Empower Boosts
Your Bottom Line

Empower Data Platform simplifies the process of harnessing vast amounts of data, providing manufacturers with a central source of truth. This enables improved production efficiency, enhanced product quality, optimized supply chain management, and predictive maintenance.

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