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From Factory Floor to Storefronts, Unifying Brands & Retailer Data with Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform

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Transform Data into Relationships

Brands and retailers continuously find themselves at the forefront of changing market dynamics and consumer behavior. The speed at which a brand is able to analyze and react to these changes directly correlates with their brand power, and revenue. With Empower Data Platform, we’re bridging the gap between siloed data and actionable insights, streamlining the complexities of multi-channel sales, inventory management, and customer engagement.

The future of brand engagement is not just about transactions – it’s about utilizing data to transform each transaction into a meaningful customer interaction and facilitate sustainable growth.

Empower Data Platform simplifies the process of harnessing vast amounts of data, giving brands and retailers a central source of truth to leverage crucial insights that improve customer service, operations, and bottom lines.


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Drowning in Data, But Thirsting for Insights?

We wrangle your varied data – supporting more than 200 sources – onto the Empower Data Platform where it can then be used to manifest intelligence your teams utilize to make strategic business decisions that improve your business.

And with Empower, you’ll get usable data within the first week and for half the cost of trying to do it yourself.

Empower offers your business a fully managed data and analytics platform so you can centralize your disparate data sources, surface the intelligence and leverage it to make impactful improvements to your business.

How a Fully Managed Data Estate Helps Drive Results for Brands and Retailers

With a central access point to all your data streams, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve Margins: According to a McKinsey report, retailers that leverage data and analytics can improve their operating margins by up to 60%.
  • 360-Degree Customer View: Gain a complete understanding of customer journeys across multiple channels, using data analytics to reveal insights about customer behavior, enabling streamlined customer experiences, impactful marketing campaigns, and enhanced customer service.
  • Redefine Personalization: Unify your customer data to build detailed consumer profiles, and leverage AI to analyze and deliver hyper-personalized product recommendations, marketing campaigns, and discounts, offering a unique customer experience that fosters loyalty.
  • AI-Enhanced Product Ideation: Utilize AI to make product suggestions by loading & analyzing all your consumer feedback along with quality reports, competitive product and production feedback to support your team as they generate new product suggestions & features.
  • Improved Security & Data Management: Implement strong data management and governance policies, ensuring that data is not only accessible but also usable by employees at all levels of the organization. Empower prioritizes security and privacy, ensuring that sensitive customer data remains secure against breaches or unauthorized access. Ensure compliance and trust with proper use of customer and third-party data.
  • Predictive Demand Forecasting: Apply predictive analytics to historical data, market trends, and behavioral data to anticipate changes in consumer demand with astonishing accuracy, informing a range of decisions from marketing strategies to inventory management.
  • Order Management: Optimize order fulfillment, whether from a retailer or consumer, while minimizing shipping costs, number of shipments, while ensuring inventory and merchandise are sent of the optimal location for customers, ensuring better service at less cost to you.
  • Optimized Pricing Strategy: Apply AI to understand customer reactions to different pricing levels and predict the impact of price changes on sales. This knowledge allows brands and retailers to set competitive prices that maximize sales profitability and devise promotions or product bundles to optimize sales.
  • Robust Direct-to-Consumer Channels: Leverage customer data platforms (CDPs) to reduce reliance on retailers for consumer data, enabling the creation of strong direct-to-consumer channels that tap into new markets.
  • Supply Chain Disruption Mitigation: Leverage analytics to monitor disruptive events, assess their impact, and develop strategic measures to mitigate the effects of disruption, ensuring a resilient and efficient supply chain.

Our Approach

What Sets Us Apart

In my years working closely with brands and retailers, I’ve seen firsthand the struggle to make sense of disjointed data. From mom-and-pop stores grappling with the transition to e-commerce, to established brands trying to understand their customers on a deeper level. Empower Data Platform can turn indecipherable data into a coherent narrative that boosts sales and builds lasting customer relationships.

Deb Marotta, VP of Retail Industry, Hitachi Solutions

Deb Marotta
Vice President of Retail Industry, Hitachi Solutions

How We’re Helping Brands and Retailers

Learn more about how the Empower Data Platform, the tech behind it, and how we’re driving data modernization for brands and retailers.

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