Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform is now a Databricks Brickbuilder Lakehouse Accelerator

Companies everywhere are inundated with data from every direction, but struggle to organize and utilize it for analytical insights. Empower Data Platform wrangles your data – supporting more than 200 sources – onto a single platform where it’s easily accessible to find the insights companies need to improve profits, operations, customer experiences, and more.  

Not only do companies need to detangle their mess of data sources, they need the insights within that data – and they needed it yesterday. Competition is fierce, and data is the key to unlocking the insights companies need now to safeguard their futures. (Add something about importance of governance) 

That’s why Hitachi Solutions is excited to announce that Empower Data Platform is now a Databricks Brickbuilder Lakehouse Accelerator. Empower is a modern data estate, built on Databricks, that gets you to usable data inside week one and for half the cost of most options. Click here to learn more.  

An Award-Winning Solution 

My team at Hitachi Solutions won the Databricks 2023 Disruptor Partner of the Year Award for our work with Empower Data Platform. Empower is a single platform that rapidly centralizes data sources in a matter of days onto a cloud platform. Our research to make this possible for customers is the reason Hitachi Solutions won the Databricks award.  

Empower leverages the Databricks Lakehouse Platform for its strength in data science and machine learning applications and utilizes the lakehouse design to give end-users richer information faster and at less cost. The value of Delta Lake for customers is to provide compute options on enterprise data to enable actionable results. SQL warehousing, data science, machine learning, and streaming are far more manageable and inexpensive with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform and the open Delta Lake format compared to alternate solutions, driving ROI for our customers. Empower automates the orchestration of metadata-driven pipelines, governed with Unity Catalog as part of the solution, reducing the complexity to a “just SQL” configuration. In this same vein, all Empower-ingested data is registered in Unity Catalog, enabling users to secure their data estate from day one with the ability to define access and governance using SQL. This unified approach simplifies modern data stacks by eliminating data silos that separate and complicate data engineering, analytics, BI, data science and machine learning. 

A Platform Team, Without Platform Team Costs 

Hitachi Solutions experts created Empower to fit any company size or industry as a flexible, all-in-one data analytics platform to increase operational efficiencies at a lower cost of ownership.  

Hitachi Solutions experts add capabilities to your data estate without the level of cost it would take to do it independently. In fact, most companies pay 14% more on migration over their planned spend each year for internal inefficiencies when managing data modernizations themselves, according to McKinsey research. On top of that, when changes occur in your source – like new columns and objects – they are automatically ingested with no manual action required on your part, so you get analytical insights with less manpower. 

Empower has proven to drive: 

• 55% faster access to usable data for our customers with Empower 

• 65% reduction on Azure costs through Empower’s optimized pipelines 

• 50% savings on labor costs associated with project development 

About Databricks Brickbuilder Accelerators 

Databricks Brickbuilder Accelerators pair the expertise, proven frameworks, and pre-built code of consulting partners with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to offer innovative accelerators that solve critical analytical challenges, reduce costs, and enhance productivity as quickly and with as little friction as possible. This includes Lakehouse Accelerators, which were developed by partners like us to help customers set up and hydrate their Databricks lakehouse in weeks, not months. With Brickbuilder Accelerators, you know you will get:  

  • A Trusted Partner: Databricks collaborates with partners like Hitachi Solutions because of our extensive knowledge and experience across industries to help you build and execute your lakehouse strategy. Brickbuilder Accelerators aim to help you leverage AI to boost productivity and unlock the full potential of the lakehouse environment.  
  • Credible Frameworks: Hitachi Solutions has hundreds of people trained and certified on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to deliver Empower Data Platform and provide the expertise needed to address your biggest data, analytics and AI needs.  
  • Accelerated Value: Our services and automated frameworks, combined with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, help you to quickly hydrate your lakehouse and get to innovation faster.