A Complete Data Estate in 7 Days? We Do It Every Day.

In today’s data-driven business environment, organizations often find themselves inundated with data and struggling to extract valuable insights. The influx of information from various sources can make it difficult to utilize data for informed decision-making, driving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and boosting profitability. Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform offers a swift, efficient, and effective solution to help organizations unlock the true potential of their data.

And we do it all within a week. Within this blog and the video below, I’ll very quickly walk you through how we make that possible – and how your teams can get to analytical insights faster. In fact, our customers get to usable data 55% faster with Empower over handling data analytics projects in-house.

A Thorough Approach to Deployment

Before the first week of an engagement, the Empower delivery team will reach out to you with a questionnaire to gather critical information for your deployment’s infrastructure setup. This series of questions will gather all intel Empower required for users and permissions handling, naming conventions, IP address space and virtual networks, among other requirements.

Infrastructure as Code

Empower’s deployment process is bundled into an infrastructure-as-code Terraform deployment. With a few simple configurations and the click of a button, Empower’s infrastructure and code bases can be automatically deployed in your Azure tenant, with little-to-no involvement on your side. Our delivery teams can make customizations to fit your needs, on a feature-by-feature basis within the platform itself, and even down to the infrastructure that it runs on. Need a certain type of virtual instance? We can acclimate to that. Want to experiment with Microsoft Fabric? We have you covered there too.

Data Flowing by the End of Week 1

The Empower UI makes it easy and intuitive to add data sources, extract metadata, set ingestion configurations, and schedule data ingestion and modeling, with highly configurable data flows.

Design your load strategy, or even ingestion enablement, on an object-by-object basis. With Empower, you have full control of both when and where your data flows, and how its manipulated to achieve results.

We are constantly adding new functionality to facilitate modern data estate. Sign up here to get platform updates, and visit our Empower page for more info.