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Revolutionize Your Field Service Operations with Hitachi Solutions Lumada Empower Data Platform

The New Role of Data in Field Services

Most field service organizations are swimming in data, from assets and interactions to vendors and customers.

Availability of data is not the issue. Getting good use of it is.

To stay ahead of the competition and deliver exceptional customer experiences, you need access to the right data at the right time – especially when every second counts. But getting data from all your disparate sources field service can be a tremendous challenge. You need good data to deliver exceptional real-time service with the right person, to the right place, and the right time, with the right parts and tools.

Lumada Empower Data Platform unlocks your field service from hundreds of sources in near-real-time, enabling actionable insights that make your field service operations highly efficient and more profitable.

Let’s Repair Those Field Service Data Problems

You’re a field service expert, not a data scientist. But could you be?

Empower Data Platform automates ingestion, modeling, and sharing of your company data, and with its user-friendly interface, any user in your company, be they experienced data engineer or not, can configure and manage data with ease.

Lumada Empower Data Platform also rapidly centralizes your data sources in a matter of days onto a single cloud platform. We wrangle your varied data – supporting more than 200 sources – onto the Empower Data Platform where it can then be used to manifest intelligence your teams utilize to streamline and optimize field service operations, decrease expenses, and improve customer service and profitability, and more. See all your data in one place from a single source – and we get you up and running in week one and for half the cost.


Reduction in service costs


Improved first-time-fix rates with modern field service management


Savings on labor costs associated with project development

Experience the Benefits of Empower in Your Field Service Organization

Lumada is Hitachi Ltd.’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation. The Lumada Empower Data Platform offers a wealth of benefits tailored to the unique needs of field service providers:

Improve Operational Efficiency

With access to real-time data, your teams can make informed decisions to optimize scheduling, dispatching, and resource allocation, leading to higher productivity and reduced operational costs.

Optimized Technicians

Field service technicians are a valuable investment. Equip them with the right parts without overspending on unnecessary inventory and ensure customer satisfaction through optimized performance.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Empower helps you analyze customer interactions, identify patterns, and predict service requirements, enabling you to deliver personalized, proactive service that delights your customers.

Transition to Predictive Maintenance

Empower’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities can enable you to predict equipment failures, schedule maintenance proactively, and minimize downtime, ultimately saving time and money.

The Kinds of Results You Can Get

With a central access point to all your data streams, you’ll get easy access to data that can drive:

  • Increased first-time fix rates
  • Reduced meantime to repair
  • Minimization of unnecessary expenses
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced profitability
  • And transition to predictive maintenance

Get The Most of Your Field Service Data Today

Learn more about how the Lumada Empower Data Platform, the tech behind it, and how we’re improving analytics for construction companies.

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